Seeking friends that share some common interests and will stick around more than a couple days lol

2022.01.26 20:13 oddnded Seeking friends that share some common interests and will stick around more than a couple days lol

TL;DR: I'm tired of dealing with entitled people, one sided conversations, and being used in general. So, if you check any of those boxes please move along.
I'm sure the majority of people that post on this and similar subs can agree with my sentiment. A lot of these places are filled with people claiming to genuinely be looking for new friends; but, people just want a quick chat and that's it. Which is awful since people that have dealt with that irl, regardless of amount or time, tend to post here as well just to have to deal with even more of it
Anyways, some complaints aside, I've tried on here a fair amount over the past couple of years. I've actually met some really great people during that time; so, that keeps me hopeful to a degree. Typically it doesn't go extravagantly well in most cases; but, still hopeful in finding other good people
I'm honestly just trying to find some new actual friends and people to talk to everyday. The people I have spoke to over the last several years of my life are either too busy or essentially different people now. So, I miss just having someone to talk and complain to everyday about whatever + that seemingly care, y'know? Due to that my already poor mental health has took more of a toll on me lately. So, I've not been doing all that great
Honestly, I could careless if it's SFW, NSFW, or a mix when it comes to conversations. I'm relatively open minded in general and don't take to getting offended easily for the most part. The only things I ask are for you to be somewhat close to my age, honest, and relatively blunt. I don't want to list an absurd amount about myself, because I feel that ruins actual back and forth to a degree, personally
About me: • I'm 24 and about to hit my quarter life crisis in a couple of months; so, I'm excited about that lmao
• I have relatively awful internet. So, games take forever to update, think a day or two depending
• Tends to enjoy most forms of comedy, along with darker jokes + I agree with the stance of jokes being jokes
• Meme Archivarius and Aficionado
• I have an absurd amount of hobbies; but, obviously frequent some more than others. So, the likelihood we at least share one is very high
• May as wells be a bottle of mental health issues. Namely severe depression and general anxiety; so, if you struggle with mental health it's no issue. Honestly, would probably be nice if you can either relate or understand
• Believes Elon Musk will end up creating catgirls, sooner or later
Replies Quick
So, outside of all of that just feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know about me. I'm a relatively open book; but, if you're out to try and steal my identity you'll probably just end up disappointed lmao. Hopefully this finds you well, my dudes. Feel free to send me a chat, if you'd like? (´• `")ゝ
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2022.01.26 20:13 noorkaximi MiLf

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2022.01.26 20:13 loops_spool unable to commute anymore

(US) Used to commute by bike to work about half of the time. Not really an avid cyclist but I enjoy being one less car on the road.
Rewind to a few months ago when construction began on the only road I can ride on to get to work. Winter was setting in and I was riding less, so when the road started getting torn up and the shoulder was used as a way to move both lanes of traffic while one was blocked off, I no longer had a safe way to travel on this road and resumed driving to work.
Construction completed recently. The shoulder was sacrified to make room for a center turn lane and now I would be forced to share the road with traffic. Not a big deal, right? Well this is a country road, in the country. I've nearly been hit while in the wide shoulder several times and now that it's gone I'm sure that if I went to ride again I could lose my life. I doubt pedestrian/bike infestructure will ever be installed here due to its remote location.
tldr: I no longer will be riding my bike to work as a recent construction project has made it extremely dangerous to exist outside of a car on the only route available to my job.
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2022.01.26 20:13 Timyd1104 Previously unreleased Battle of the Heroes Test Footage (Full Story in Comments)

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2022.01.26 20:13 grkpektis Monika Klisara (Karate)

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2022.01.26 20:13 BillyM78 Chicago PIT tickets just released

Bunch of reserved Pit tickets just released on Ticketmaster for the Chicago show. Go get 'em.
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2022.01.26 20:13 RealPatriotTactical Is Patriot Tactical LLC Legit? Clarified by the Owner.

Sorry everyone if this is multiple posted. I am not familiar with reddit and may have screwed up the post LOL
Hello Patriots! My name is Allen and I am the founder and President of Patriot Tactical LLC. This post was brought to our attention and I want to clarify the confusion and answer questions about the business.
I am a former Law Enforcement Officer in Ohio, Certified NRA Pistol Instructor and Distinguished Expert Marksman. I founded Patriot Tactical as an online only, e-commerce business in June of 2019 so we are a relatively new business. We specialize in working with smaller, family oriented businesses like us, and providing the best value and service to our customers. Our customers range from the everyday CCW individual to active duty Military, SEAL teams, Spec Ops forces, Police, SWAT, gunsmiths, very large firearm companies and last but not least, competitive shooters. Many very happy customers and many that became return customers.
Since we are online only for the moment to keep our costs low we have a UPS suite as a business location. We have no need for a retail location as we do not have our ATF manufacturing licensing yet, currently only 01 for firearm resale which we do online only and transfer to other FFL's.
Please Google our address which is 947 E Johnstown Rd Suite or #200 Gahanna, OH 43230. It will show the Gahanna UPS location. Scroll down slightly and you will see our Dun & Bradstreet page. This is the most trusted listing for businesses in the USA and how a business is assessed for credit worthiness by banks. "It leads to a restaurant in some plaza..." There are a few pizza places next to the UPS location. Both offer great pies but no gun parts. "They have 15 pages of the same holster" We are one of the largest GHOST USA dealers in the states. GHOST is an Italian distributor and we use a specialized inventory software to pull from their inventory in Florida and they offer a LOT of variations of holsters. They are not the same holster. Just kinda looks like it.
We are NOT US Patriot Tactical and in no way affiliated with them. It is a little harder to find us in a Google search for just Patriot Tactical because US Patriot Tactical has been in business nearly 20 years and we are only 2.
"Are we legit?" you can bet your last round we are.
We are one of Swampfox's largest partners, a PRO level dealer, working together for over 2 years. Please call them at 720-389-6719 to ask them about us.
I am a Brand Ambassador and worldwide consultant for Vector Optics making innovative optics for the past year. Our logo is on their website under News.
We are a top level partner with Zaffiri Precision, Overwatch Precision, Zanders, Boogeyman Customs etc.
We were incorporated in the state of Ohio on 6/19/99 (search Patriot Tactical LLC).
We are also user ID PatriottacticalLLC on if you would like to check our feedback there.
We love CANIK as well and have sold parts and optics to several members on the Facebook group Canik Fanatik including the gentleman that started it and still operates it. Feel free to ask him about his experience with us. We will be one of very few direct dealers for Toni System a high end manufacturer based in Italy that make...wait for it...high end Canik accessories
If you have any questions at all, please reach out directly to me []( Our business phone is 855-500-1338 (I'll be honest most of the time we have to call you back because we are shipping orders).
I hope that I have cleared the air and explained who we are and fixed any confusion. We are a very small, but growing family LEO run business right in central Ohio. I hope I have your support Patriots to grow even larger and well represent us in the gun community!
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2022.01.26 20:13 MangoTheKing Applies to this game as well.

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2022.01.26 20:13 susieQ1519 How to move on?

Im going to try and be as short as possible. On mobile so sorry for any errors.
My (25f) husband (25m) left me back in June last year after my 12 week prenatal appointment. He said he was feeling depressed and trapped and we agreed he take a week for some space and have some “me time” When he came back he stated he no longer loved me, he wasn’t really ready for a second child (already have 2.5yM and this child was also planned so I thought) and he wanted a divorce. To say I was blindsided is an understatement and I begged for a separation to maybe work things out. He agreed, moved in with his dad and that was that. After about a month he told me he basically fell out of love because for the past two years he didn’t feel appreciated or loved by me. He was extremely depressed and he felt he was living for my dreams and he didn’t have any of his own. So I changed. I really focused on showing my appreciation for him and making the extra effort to show him I loved him. I’ve worked on things he said that bothered him (like my phone usage). In October he stated he still didn’t love me or want to be with me and he is upset that I’m now making all the effort he wanted before. I asked to go to counseling and he would never say yes or no. I asked to try dating again and nothing. He started seeing someone else (he asked if he could go on a couple dates to see if it’s something he wanted). December he brought divorce paperwork about 2weeks before our daughter was born. This is his final decision. Nothing I’ve done has been able to even make trying to work on our relationship worth it to him.
So I guess I’m just looking for some advice on how can I get over this pain? I still love him terribly and I have to see him on a regular basis because our kids. He’s a great dad and person. lack of communication caused me to loose my person forever and it’s killing me.
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2022.01.26 20:13 ganjover Choosing PD vs HD

Apologies in advance for any incorrect terminology or wording, I’m new to understanding dialysis.
I’m wondering what peoples’ thoughts are regarding their personal experiences living with peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.
My father is about to choose between the two. He’s in South Korea, and the rest of our family is in the US. He’s 63 and has type 2 diabetes. We are unable to be with him in the hospital because of Covid restrictions, and all we can do is call or text and be there to support him. We can’t communicate directly with his doctor, so the little information I have is from my dad. From what he says, there is great infrastructure in Korea for HD, and that 90% of people choose it. Apparently in the US, 80% of people choose PD. From what I can find online, it seems like PD has slightly lower mortality rates over the last decade. I also plan to go to Korea this summer to test if I’m a compatible donor, so if that’s successful, he will plan to have a transplant.
All I can find out on my own are basic pros and cons, statistics, and percentages, but that doesn’t help me understand anything about the experience. It would be helpful for me to hear about experiences or hardships, so that I can better understand what he’s choosing between.
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2022.01.26 20:13 Great-Obligation-599 The Inner Senshi with a Galaxy Background

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2022.01.26 20:13 SeaLionFacts La Jolla

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2022.01.26 20:13 Chicn7751 People who get blackout drunk cannot tell you what its like.

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2022.01.26 20:13 CryHavoc715 What is this model? I bought a pile of used Cadians and 4 of these were in the lot

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2022.01.26 20:13 Historical-One9184 "They casually asked me what year I graduated from college, but I can't remember dates, so they took that as a red flag." Elite developers with autism are being kept out of job openings where they're badly needed because of archaic recruitment processes.

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2022.01.26 20:13 Vat_iz_dis I just killed Grant Magus Morgeneth on elite difficulty, Is he suppose to be 10 levels above me?

I just killed Grant Magus Morgeneth on elite difficulty, Is he suppose to be 10 levels above me? I was 79, and he is 89 I felt like with my squishy spellbreaker I would be dead for sure, but I stuck it out and just played around Mirror of Ereoctes, he literally takes half my health when he hits me. and yeah its HC so I was scared lol
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2022.01.26 20:13 Creationexploration [WTS] MSR PR 2 STOVE, Joby Gorilla video pod and Joby gorillapod

I'm selling my MSR PR2 STOVE ,With case has a few dings and scuffs as you can see in pics : $32 I will pay shipping you pay 3%G&S. I also have a set of Joby Gorilla pods I want to sell as a set with accessories they came with Joby Gorillapod video tripod and Joby jbo1571 Gorillapod $42 I pay shipping you pay 3% G&S
Verification pics: The stove was used on 4 or 5 hikes and jobys only a few times .
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2022.01.26 20:13 jroud1 Every Insane Kupp Reception from the Divisional Round Game @ Tampa Bay

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2022.01.26 20:13 Zealousideal-Cap1106 Ceux qui ont de quoi échanger venez mp

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2022.01.26 20:13 fishiestfishman Hey guys what made you personally dislike pit bulls?

Personally I don’t agree with banning them (no toxicity just my opinion). Just curious as to why people hate the breed. I had one when I was a kid and it was an angel. Not aggressive at all. Actually, I have a lab right now who is a lot more aggressive and thats very unruly, even though it is a loved breed. That’s why I dislike the ban, but like I said, why do you support it, and also, why don’t you dislike dogs like labs (I’m not completely sure if they are aggressive and No hate/toxicity please).
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2022.01.26 20:13 Standard_juice30 Noen 06-03 som vil chatte? Im bored in a house, and I’m in a house bored👌

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2022.01.26 20:13 Kivor1 896431950446 REGICE RAID IN 5 ADDING ALL

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2022.01.26 20:13 Ancient-Proposal-935 Does anyone know her?

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2022.01.26 20:13 imnothereucantseeme Ranged in FFXIV

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2022.01.26 20:13 dwaxe This week's This American Life is about Muskegon

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