Question About Grading and then Selling

2022.01.26 19:31 asylumattic Question About Grading and then Selling

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2022.01.26 19:31 _Rexon55_ I made a drawing based on a picture I saw here recently. What do you think?

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2022.01.26 19:31 Sephyu888 مباراة توظيف 66 ضابط مربي ممتاز بالمندوبية العامة لإدارة السجون وإعادة الإدماج

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2022.01.26 19:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Glenn Youngkin didn’t mind if some kids got an anti-racist education: His own | Washington Post

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2022.01.26 19:31 Mortka Elite division is the most toxic shite I’ve ever played.

Ive played 10 games in elite now and one guy left at 1-1 when i got a pen, a dude just left at 0-0 (i know i didnt deserve anything, but still), and the third guy scored and danced and left when i equalized.
Honestly this community is so selfish and shite sometimes.
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2022.01.26 19:31 sadboiimalala LOOKING FOR SCHOLARSHIP

Name: Kenneth cinco Age: 20 Gender: Male Nationality: Filipino Gmail: Discord: sadboii#4748
I play axie game for 1 1/2 months I have experience in farming in slp i can farm 200-250slp a day or more off course its depend on my team i build in my previous manager i play in arena and i have 2400 mmr my team that time is BBP If you give me a chance to build my own team maybe i can surpass my limit of 2400 mmr i hope i can be part of your team
i experience different types of axies different skills in arena i can counter them using my knowledge i earn in playing axie in arena and my previous r is 2400mmr and i can surpass my previous mmr if you give my team i want may be i can join on top tier player , Farming slp is on my strategies form thats my experience in farming slp , i know rules also metas , debuff, buff about axie.
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2022.01.26 19:31 Sephyu888 مباراة توظيف 50 ضابط مربي بالمندوبية العامة لإدارة السجون وإعادة الإدماج

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2022.01.26 19:31 innosflew Australia could send extra gas to Europe as Russia cuts supplies due to Ukraine tensions

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2022.01.26 19:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - It’s time to challenge the right wing’s radical schools agenda | Washington Post

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2022.01.26 19:31 Royalehighnoob- Here it is- I gues its some dark fairy vibes-

Here it is- I gues its some dark fairy vibes-
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2022.01.26 19:31 SolomonAsassin My top 30 favorite AEW Matches of 2021

Happy New Year everybody! AEW, even in the worst part of the Pandemic, has been Firing on all cylinders more than everyone else all year round. And they have more than enough worthy contenders for a whole top 30 list. So many great matches and such a wide variety. I don't even know where to start. But I got to give it a try. Arranging these matches was not as easy as it sounds. I had to take into account the match quality, storyline significance, uniqueness, intrigue or wow factor, and how well it encapsulates the company as a whole. So here is the official list of my top 30 matches of AEW.

No. 30: Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black - Dynamite August 4th 2021
What an epic Debut for Tommy End, or Mordecai… hack em, wack em, sack em, slice em up dice em up, or whatever his world of warcraft name is. He got to take his character in a whole new direction, and immediately made a statement by demolishing Cody Rhodes. And it slowly started Cody's descent into… wherever the hell he's at now.
No. 29: Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb - Dynamite October 6th 2021
I liked them taking a different direction with women's storylines. Deeb gets to show her stuff as a hard-headed and fiery competitor. Someone compared her to bret hart, and she shows a particular kind of attitude and in-ring style that makes it a very apt description.
No. 28: Wardlow vs. Jake Hager - MMA Rules Cage Match - Dynamite June 18th 2021
Hey I like that shoot style stuff, and they have an actual undefeated shooter to mimic that style, so you can't go wrong with it. That was the beauty of the Inner Circle/Pinnacle Summer of violence. They brought such a unique blend of styles and stipulations with each passing match.
No. 27: Jungle Boy vs. Darby Allin - Dynamite April 21st 2021
A great display from the 2 hottest young talents in the company, and adding to the TNT Title's reputation.
No.26: The Dark Order vs. HFO - Dynamite September 30th 2021
A nice fun match, that mends the hearts of the fractured Dark Order, and pays respects to the late Brodie Lee. Little ass -1 Throwing the disciplinary papers with his mom behind him lives rent free in my mind.
No. 25: Sammy Guvara vs. Miro - Dynamite September 29th 2021
Kick-ass hard hitting match, and a great title win for Sammy.
No. 24: Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley - Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch - Revolution 2021
One of the most bonkers, out of nowhere matches they did all year, with sick levels of violence, an iconic hilarious botched finish, that they played into brilliantly the following weeks.
No. 23: Chris Jericho vs. Nick Gage - No DQ Match - Dynamite Fight For The Fallen July 28th 2021
And they stepped it up from there. They brought in one of the most interesting personalities from the underground scene for a one-off deathmatch against the icon Chris Jericho. That kind of absurd, glass and knife related gore is the type I've seen very little of until fairly recently. And you cannot write better television than Nick cutting up Chris with a pizza cutter, Right as they transition to a pizza commercial.
No. 22: Miro vs. Eddie Kingston - All Out 2021
Both these guys killed it this year. Eddie makes every storyline he's involved in worth seeing, and Miro's psycho, bible quoting brute gimmick was so much fun to watch. They pulled a stiff brawl that was surprisingly psychological too.
No. 21: Best Friends vs. Miro and Kip Sabian - Arcade Anarchy - Dynamite March 31st 2021
The word of the day for this match was fun. They just had so much fun planning and performing every single spot for this match. The best friends are such a unique faction in how they can be both goofy and cool at the same time. Balls to the wall insane action, and featured great returns by Trent and Kris.
NO. 20: Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer - Texas Deathmatch - Dynamite Fighter Fest July 21st 2021
I love watching these two guys brawl, and they up the ante with their violence each time. They had more emphasis on just cringe worthy spots in this match, particularly the finish where the wire was clinging to Moxley's flesh. A very worthy win for Archer to take the IWGP U.S Title.
NO. 19: Kenny Omega vs. PAC vs. Orange Cassidy - Double Or Nothing 2021
They finally did a big three way main event match between guys that each brought such a unique blend of styles. The match was action packed, greatly paced, and used each of their skills to enhance the story of the match. Especially Orange Cassidy. He was so entertaining.
NO. 18: The Dark Order vs. The Elite - 10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match - Dynamite Fight For The Fallen July 28 2021
In the list of WWE concepts AEW has found a way to improve upon, they now did it to the Survivor Series elimination match. They had well assembled teams with tangible chemistry, storyline continuity, actual high stakes, great wrestling, pacing, high tension, and a finish that, while disappointing, was welcomely so, and gave us a reason to be invested.
NO. 17: Darby Allin and Sting vs. Team Tazz - Street Fight - Revolution 2021
The last hurrah for the cinematic wrestling phase of the pandemic. They had great cinematography, badass set choice, brutal action, creative spots, and it was overall a great in-ring(ish) return for Sting.
NO. 16: Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk - Full Gear 2021
The natural brilliance of these two is unparalleled. They got you invested in their feud with just one hot promo a week out from the event, and pulled a swift, fierce, hard hitting match, that was everything it needed to be.
NO. 15: Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage - Rampage August 13 2021 and All Out 2021
Do you think it is cheating to put two matches from the same people at different times in the same spot? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! It's my list and I do what I want.
But I honestly had a rough time deciding on this because they are both worthy of the spot for both the same and different reasons. They showcase again how great a big match wrestler Kenny is, and display how well Christian can still deliver at his age, and in spite of the injuries he sustained. The Rampage match was tighter, faster paced, and more technically sound of the two, and gave a much deserved title win to Christian. All out worked a more bombastic spotfest of a match that's befitting of a PPV main event. And the post match double debut was just too damn amazing to not talk about. Adam Cole returns to the Elite's side after leaving his mark in NXT, The American Dragon Bryan Danielson, the most acclaimed athlete of the past 11 years if not longer makes an explosive impact.
NO. 14: Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander - All Out 2021
Definitely the best women's title match of the year. Great pacing, great heel/face dynamic, and it was so hype it got Orange Cassidy to freaking scream.
NO.13: MJF vs. Darby Allin - Full Gear 2021
Simply one hell of an opening match that both Did and didn't need to over deliver as well as it did. The praise for psychology and heel work is often heaped onto Mj, but Darby showed his own proficiency with that as well.
NO. 12: Sammy Guevara vs. MJF - Dynamite July 1st 2021
Pretty much did the same thing as 13. But better. Mj brought out the better psychological side of Sammy in an epic ppv calibur main event.
NO. 11: Superkliq vs. Jurassic Express & Christian Cage - Falls Count Anywhere Six Man Tag Team Match - Full Gear 2021
Think naming the match was a mouthful? So was the damn match itself. This went freaking crazy. It was almost like the first War Games. They pulled everything but the kitchen sink.
NO. 10: Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki - Rampage Buy In October 15th 2021
Seemingly on a whim they called in murder grandpa to have an impromptu dream match against Bryan Danielson on a free for youtube pre show, and they had one of the most interesting technical bouts of the year. They didn't do any big throws or crowd popping moves, they just got on the mat and stretched each other, and the crowd hung onto every move.
NO. 9: The Pinnacle vs. The Inner Circle - Blood & Guts Match - AEW Dynamite May 5th 2021
The summer of violence was kicked off with the match we've all been waiting for. A wild and brutal update to wargames, highlighted by the brilliant storytelling ability of Jericho and Mj.
NO. 8: Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega - Dynamite Grand Slam September 28th 2021
They didn't hesitate to give the people what they wanted. No it wasn't a hug. It was the two modern wrestling gods going at it on AEW's biggest Stage in New York city. This was the closest we got to kenny feeling like the best bout machine of New Japan. They went hard in the paint, and left it open to only step it up in the rematch.
NO. 7: Hangman Page vs. Kenny Omega - Full Gear 2021
This match, this whole story they've built up for 2 years, is the epitome of AEW. The spirit of change, the fresh faces, the commitment to storylines and rewarding the fans. They made sure we agreed that hangman was the worthy hero to take the world's title from The villainous kenny omega, and they ended their incredibly complex feud in an outstanding story driven match.
NO. 6: Kenny Omega vs. Rey Fenix - Dynamite January 6th 2021
Number 7 was pure storytelling, this was pure action. Rey i think is the best in-ring performer in aew and, in his first world title shot, he put on a kick ass match with the best bout machine that could bring audiences to their feet from their own home.
NO. 5: Young Bucks vs. SCU - Dynamite May 12th 2021
A tag team wrestling classic that some people seem to have forgot happened. It was all or nothing for SCU, and they with the Bucks put on a brutal and heartbreaking performance that left permanent marks on everyone involved. Especially C.D. It was a perfect swan song.
NO. 4: The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros - Steel Cage match - All Out 2021
The insanity of the spots and the violence, combined with the precision of the pacing and coordination. Only the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers can pull off a performance like this.
NO. 3: Darby Allin vs. CM Punk - All Out 2021
The most personally emotional experience of the year. The guy that shook the world with the pipe bomb, who stole the year from John Cena, who flee'd the arena with the WWE Title, who made a damning statement by quitting, and who inspired me to take the straight edge pledge as a kid. CM Punk was finally back in the ring in his hometown, against the most captivating young star in the world, in a beautifully fundamental wrestling display. Just a perfect return to form.
NO. 2: Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa - Unsanctioned Lights Out Match - AEW Dynamite March 11th 2021
I think this is the most important match of the year. In just one match they set the standard for the entire women's division, and showed a level of violence that most American audiences have never seen women go to before. It was so much fun to watch, and they made Britt a genuine star in this match.
NO. 1: Hangman Page vs. Bryan Danielson - Dynamite December 15th 2021
The Hangman's first title defense was to try to tame the dragon. No rest for the wicked. They far exceeded all expectations in this grueling, hard hitting, psychological 60 minute classic. Bryan put the hangman through the ringer, and he hung in there like the ultimate bull ride. That's cowboy shit. He showed that he can carry the championship strongly, and together they crafted a truly beautiful performance, that's sure to be the measuring stick for aew for years to come.
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2022.01.26 19:31 MCKtheMan Antiwork is private, but we can NOT give up

I haven’t followed the situation that closely but I have a general idea of what happened and let me just say this: this is NOT a time to give up.
I know it sucks having the movement curb-stomped in such an underhanded way, but we are giving the establishment the best gift we could possibly give them by accepting defeat. This fight is still strong.
So tell people about this sub, or any sub similar to it. Keep fighting. Get involved with different union organizations and follow them on social media. Stay in the loop (I just followed More Perfect Union and they deserve more attention).
But the last thing we should do is stop. We can’t afford to. Love you guys! Stay strong! The fight is far from over.
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2022.01.26 19:31 averylog Elitäre Schatzsuche abgeschlossen.

Ich habe eine elitäre Schatzsuche abgeschlossen.
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2022.01.26 19:31 No-Recognition-8002 Looking for team Extremoth

Well, I have tried many times with randoms, ut didn't manage even once. I main bow so lots of healing and overall support with a bit of dmg (can also tank behe no problem)
So I know the drill, I have watched videos on how to get him, I've read strategies also. All that is left is a team that will actually position Charybdis in good places/flash behe, and hide for eclipse meteor.
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2022.01.26 19:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Canada extends, expands military training mission in Ukraine | Washington Post

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2022.01.26 19:31 Flamin_Hot_BagOdicks I want so badly to say I called it

I want so badly to say I called it A few years ago, a shop opened up in my neighborhood that everyone was really excited about, they advertised having louisiana style cafe with beignets and chicory coffee. They insulted the fact that I'm only from Birmingham and not a New Orleans transplant like they are (we're further north than either of those places), they listened to me tell them I wanted to get away from the bar scene and from alcohol and nightlife, to be at their morning coffee shop with "We can't wait to get our liquor license!" They denied me the job citing lack of experience, even though I had six years of experience and one year specifically as a baker. They asked if I planned to ever go back to school and when I said, "Yes eventually" they said "Ah so that's a schedule conflict then." I never went back in there after that, even though they hired two of my best friends one of whom I trained in our old restaurant. She just tweeted this today.
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2022.01.26 19:31 KonpeitoKiss 【Asurity】Time Can't Change【Fukase】【Vocaloid Original】

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2022.01.26 19:31 Thinkungis What weird food combinations do you like?

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Ich habe eine schwere Schatzsuche abgeschlossen.
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