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Proper way to decommission old PC?

2022.01.26 21:21 cvaska Proper way to decommission old PC?

I removed some parts i reused in my new pc (hard drive, ssd), and pulled a few parts that I sold (graphics card, memory), but what do I do with the rest of the components?
The motherboard and cpu are both horribly out of date (4400 series i5), and the case is pretty scratched up. How do I properly dispose of these things in an environmentally friendly way?
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2022.01.26 21:21 Which-Ad592 HOT4LEXI❤️ N3W UPDAT3 FR33 0NLYFANS M3GA (L1NK IN COMMNTS)

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2022.01.26 21:21 AsleepSmoke2499 im 15 and i dont have the best father son relationship with my dad, im always awkward around him can you please give me some pointers on how to build our relationship

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2022.01.26 21:21 ardhanarisvara Endo and Testosterone

I'm about to start a low dose of T for gender-identity reasons (yay!), but also in the hope that it will finally stop the constant low-grade pain and bloating I feel from endo. Not to mention that week of high-grade pain every damn month, ooof. Really hoping others on here may have tried this and be willing to share their experiences with me so I can figure out what dosage I want to ask my doctor to prescribe.
What kind did you take (oral, injection, topical) and at what dose?
For how long have you used it?
How quickly did it stop the pain?
Obviously "side effects" of T will read differently for different types of community members here, but, since my goal isn't a binary transition I would also be stoked to hear any experiences you wish to share on that score. (Especially scalp hairloss lol, I'm okay with legit everything but that.)
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2022.01.26 21:21 Koeflame pokémon legend arkoos regional forms tier list

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2022.01.26 21:21 ArbyTheBeefBurg Stretchy Gal

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2022.01.26 21:21 boomstick-john Making many copies like Bofuri (3.5 edition(I'm told))

Hello, I'm wanting to help my parties wizard make copies of my monstrous race character, thank you redditors
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2022.01.26 21:21 XtremeCSGO Can I report a bought SSL account?

I played with someone in diamond 1 with a S4 SSL tag. I checked their account on RL tracker and last season they were SSL (1v1) CG3 (2v2) and CG3 (3v3) while being diamond 1 this season after 180 games in 3v3 and clearly not playing like an SSL level player. In the in game report there isnt even an option to report something like that
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2022.01.26 21:21 Born_Issue_2243 Lich Weapons

What Lich weapon should I get? This includes Tenet and Kuva. I already have Bramma, Diplos, Seer, and Spirex :) looking for advice
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2022.01.26 21:21 Helomyname FXX-K

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2022.01.26 21:21 Arkaado APOSTOLICA - No More Place in Hell

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2022.01.26 21:21 xSavageDad Looking to find friends/group to show me the ropes again 18+

Looking for friends to group up with that have mics! I’m basically a new player and need people to group with and show me the ropes. I played apex when it first came out for first season then haven’t really played much since switch to pc. I have my decent moments but still working on positioning and movement. When to push and not to push. I’m really determined to get good at this game only issue is all my buddies are still stuck on warzone and I’m honestly over it. I play on pc steam name x Savage Dad along with EA. I hate joining with randoms seems like no one uses game chat at all. I’m currently maining octane. All platforms are welcomed to add me i could use any and all friends to help me become a better player! 💪🏼
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2022.01.26 21:21 RoyDaBoiDaKoi What one thing in a relationship really triggers you?

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2022.01.26 21:21 Carma_626 Just joined the XXX club today.

Had a case of FOMO and bought when the price was on the way up. No matter, Im just happy to pick up a few shares under $17 and join the xxx club.
Been holding since April of last year, never felt more confident in this stock. 🚀
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2022.01.26 21:21 soCounterfeit99 Null Knives Raiden Pre-orders go live at 8EST

Goes live at 8PM EST in either M390 or Damastell in a few color variants.
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2022.01.26 21:21 Raider-Inc You get to pick one, top or bottom?

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2022.01.26 21:21 towncarblue mii box S or something better but still cheap..

currently the mii box S sells for $66. i currently have a fire stick 4k . the main issue i have is that i cannot use my ntfs hdd . i bought the otg cable that works with it {it can read usb and hdd formatted to FAT} but it does not support ntfs. i would like to be able to access netflix,amazon prime,plex,youtube etc... with the option to read my ext hdd.
any options ?
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2022.01.26 21:21 Snoo_srba LeBum trying so hard to be IronGoat 😂

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2022.01.26 21:21 Awkward_Wrap411 1億円相当のNFTが売買プラットフォームのバグによって盗まれまくっていることが発覚 - GIGAZINE

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2022.01.26 21:21 kii_mio Melt ganyu rotation

I just got ganyu yesterday and have on her 4pc wanderer's. I thought it would be fine to put on while I farm for freeze artifacts but her CA damage is quite low compared to what I expected. Apparently, that build was for melt ganyu so now I'm really confused on how the rotation works. I can't seem to have 100% uptime on xiangling's and bennett's burst altho they both are at 200% ER or more. What would be an ideal rotation??
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2022.01.26 21:21 eioDesign I literally witnessed a standard being lowered.

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2022.01.26 21:21 Bbddy555 Any reason these snails that came from the same genetic pool would be so different? Black/gray one is how the first pond snails were years ago, pink guys have different shell shapes, as do some other gray ones. Used to have albino snails in my tank but they died off awhile ago.

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2022.01.26 21:21 Snoo_srba LeBum trying so hard to be IronGoat 😂

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2022.01.26 21:21 International_Unit61 bugün çektiklerim

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2022.01.26 21:21 toji-zenin trading yoimiya + guaranteed and more

**Trading** maintained okay

> - Yoimiya (LV80) [33.8/117.6] good build! + name-card
> - Childe *C1* (LV70) [43.1/85.9] okay build?
> - Keqing (LV80) [7.5/114.5] okay build? Non-existent crit rate
> - Jean (LV50) not built
> - Amos Bow (LV80) ; Ganyu’s BIS
> - Aether (LV80) not built
> - No dead-links/binds
> - A few namecards!
> - R3 Luxurious Sea-Lord
> - Lost receipts
> - No fragile resin
> - overpays/equals
> - NA offers only, I will not accept any other server offers
> - Raiden with her BIS maybe? + guaranteed
> - Unlinked completely (so no dead-links)
> - NA server
> - Maintained okay (doesn’t have to be perfect but account cannot be trashed/badly maintained)
> - Guaranteed? **(negotiable)**
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