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Can someone mod Wack 100 over SFV Balrog

2022.01.26 21:05 bajablast3000 Can someone mod Wack 100 over SFV Balrog

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2022.01.26 21:05 islandDeeper LPT: Use two questions one statement when you are in meetings.

Use two questions one statement when you are in meetings.
Before you make a statement, ask clarifying questions to verify your assumptions. These give the presenter the opportunity to elaborate and they may make the statement you would have.
Other questions should be asked when you genuinely want to know more.
Only ask questions that were not covered and are relevant.
Many people have the same questions as you do.
This makes you seem more like a part of the team and people are more likely to want you on the team if you ask the important questions than if you are a know-it-all.
Statements are best reserved for when you are asked directly or have specialist knowledge
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2022.01.26 21:05 No_Cap_6380 Jerry’s back from the dead and ready to explore!

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2022.01.26 21:05 Christmasfatguy3 LF: Anything 6IV FT: 6IV HA snoms

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2022.01.26 21:05 trendybitch99 What current characters do you tune in for and hope to see?

I used to be all excited for Matt Foley, the Roxbury bros, the Cheerleaders, Penelope, Target Lady, Wayne and Garth, the What Up With That host (and Lindsay Buckingham lol), Stefon etc. and would tune in every Saturday in hopes one of my favorite characters would have a sketch.
What is that one character you look forward to seeing every Saturday in the current season?
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2022.01.26 21:05 beatNick_ Writer’s Blocks

Writing is the only place I feel the eternally transforming freedom of expression. Time-passing and effort-becoming for crafting the exposition until it engulfs the one it wants to be. The writing is overflowing in real-time, but the spoken word becomes more remarkable; it’s something else that could have never been undertaken in real-time. What dimension do poets speak from?
I would like to wake up and do this all day. I want to work, a lovable artist, the modest one who really only wants three things: his food, his art, and a place to stay. But these days, artistry, food, and shelter have been separated. You must be fortunate to be in a position where art reinforces food and a roof, and even then, how much of an artist have you become? Not only is mediocrity praised by the herd, but that fame and fortune speak volumes about your ‘modesty,’ a lovable artist is not your forte, but a lockable one is, the prettiest of cells, the pedestal; so many kinds of writer’s blocks, how do they work?
I have spent many days, months really, bleeding time out from engineering for food and shelter because it never checks its blind spot: its shadow. I am the engineer’s shadow poet spinning words into a bloody pool of celestial clockwork — cosmically at work with the concert of the sun and the ritual of moons, planets watching me hunt for a various-point perceptive, only fateful comets can stop me — as artificial intelligence watches me on screen time; my audience from another realm, patiently waiting for my acknowledgment but keys bore me when the model is destined for superficiality; how the prototypical renaissance madman sci-fi prince-poet lives out daydreams about syringing money from authority hierarchies that have forgotten the art of power which only his Master Sargent has exhibited thus far. There it was for you to see: my obedience. As Walden’s sojourner teaches me otherwise, alongside everything else that I never knew about tools, transcendental and not, not to become a tool myself. And have you, too, found the thundering prophet’s philosophical hammer that cerebrally strikes victim-beneficiaries like dynamite? At heart, let it be known: slam poets make your psychological grounding shake to wake you into untimely ruminations.
My waking identity is merely a dream spawned into existence — the ‘I,’ well ’hello friend’ — just to be forgotten for ‘my’ will-o’-the-wisp wordplay-do-si-do for I am not the one who thinks — thought-ingredients are not available for me to cook up the next thought nor throw away for being half-baked, undercooked, or even spoiled. A thought happens when it wants to, not when I want it, but this sweet little ol’ ego of mine latches onto it afterward to claim it as owned! The plagiaristic writer’s block, I am the forgotten biter — while thought leads into action.
Consequently, I only ever witness the finale of every seasoned activity from within to out, for I am the psycho-physiological body; ‘my’ is a grammatical lie written into history by the ego, our assumed means of communication. I don’t do; there is no doer, I am: doing, I occur, I am activity — not actor — living is continuous activity, there is no moment available to pause to issue commands to oneself, to pause is to die: ceased activity. Therefore only the dead get the chance to command themselves, but the catch is there’s no activity left available to them, a catch they can’t even collect. One day I’ll be a dead poet. Only then will I be free from all of these intriguing writer’s blocks.
Have you traversed the labyrinth at the bottom of any abyss? How many times did you put yourself — your pieces of colored glass busted by the devilry of your Minotaur of consciousness, which is merely the mask of your shadow — back together? As it goes with any intelligence: early iterations are rapid improvement, later ones are marginal. Have you converged shadow poet? You know these dark corridors, now, leave, climb up and out, reach higher than ever before, and then you better jump off: you must go down. Procrastinate, and fate will smash you across the back of the head with a club, leaving you with a psychological love mark.
[We Imagineers]
Metaphysics, metanarratives, more but ultimately metaphors: these are how we rise to the occasion about that which was never given, never found, but taken and made up — our symbols: letters, numbers, notations — after wrestling with an environment that doesn’t belong to us for it to become the foundation — plagiarizing mother nature’s blocks — for our fundamental drive of symbol spinning, mixing, and splicing — our lunacy to imagine notations not in nature that we had no basis for judging, thus, testing out insanity impressionably makes it ‘sane’ — to build with them — more writer’s blocks — into various language systems to ultimately construct lessons which these days are prided on being ‘point-of-contact’ — point-of-symbolized: point-of-metaphorical — knowledge that we get so caught up in, we forget the imaginative plagiaristic landscape of our vision. Without which, we would be even more non-universally blind than we blurrily already are, while we think we’ve proven things because we made them work, for now.
Nevertheless, utility, the effect, does not explain the axioms, its cause, as that would be the absurd causa sui. In the same light, human senses would have to explain themselves to explain reality, given human senses are a part of reality. That self-explanation makes for causa sui, which claims an effect can — explain: prove — cause its cause, thereby destroying the meaning of cause and effect hence the absurdity of explaining anything, including your (solipsistic) self. Thus ‘it works’ is ‘it’s convincing’ if it’s a trustworthy appearance, for its a matter of our interpretation given explanation is beyond our capacity, which would make any explanation for certainty an arrogant lie from us childishly playacting as a God and even using tools fashioned out of our robber baron clowning around that we take very seriously - our criminally ignorant yet necessary start — otherwise we fail to preserve and develop so to use the inability to explain as an argument against unprovable progress is retardation — where a model’s first epoch is always largely erroneous, yet that doesn’t mean it converges on to perfection, objectivity, there is no such thing as God-fit for the all-too-human, but rather worth-it.
Religiously more, we made up numbers to justify how accurate and precise our made-up equations of ‘it’ are, for whatever ‘it’ is. We mix ‘math-it’ into believed to be objective math — feasibility does not constitute optimality which you don’t have (non-math) universal standards for measuring the optimality gap of; hence multiple geometries that can only be compared (subjectively) utilitarianly — which is designed to spin together already, to reach trustworthy mytho-logical — mixing symbols as if each is a thing-in-itself — conclusions. We play judge of our performance: we trust ourselves to build our tests to grade our takes and illogically back it up with our credentials as if laurels constitute premises. We composed merely an interpretation — a metaphor — of ‘it.’ We even childishly argue that these made-up symbols mean those other made-up symbols are bullshit because these made-up symbols actually work - in that we use them because we trust them — like we trusted and used those other symbols — hence utility, that’s subjective. We have a subjective justification for an objective comparison which is nonsensical means for a Godly end!
We think highly of proof, but it infinitely descends away from our grasp because to prove something, we need other proven things, so the proving never ends, which means we need to make up the starting points without a basis because they are the basis, thus every basis is baseless by definition. Then in last-minute desperation, we will lay claim to self-evidency for our foundation, but this is just a mask for imagination which we already want to deny. The very idea of self-evident even seems like a neighbor to causa sui in the sense that it stands on its own unrooted. Consider all the trial and error required to ‘find’ our not so ‘obvious’ feasible axioms, which in itself is a nonsensical remark: ‘it’s obvious,’ where we mix the subjective human perception into such an objective claim; as it even goes with subjective morals and objective logic by claiming false is ‘bad/wrong’ thereby making logic ‘bad/wrong’ as it depends on falseness; so where does that leave our ‘good/right’ truth then? And finally, these axioms don’t have to be proven — nor measured for optimality as long as they’re feasible — which leaves us with the foundation of this knowledge and all knowledge for that matter: an appeal to ignorance; lucky us, ‘it works,’ humbly so.
The work we do today is only discernible because it’s rooted in a known basis. Otherwise, it’s incomprehensible ridiculousness. Thus we distance ourselves from a basis as far as we can to create the illusion of new, original, or novel that is not genuine because the work is still rooted in something from before, so it remains interpretable — where did these words come from? Why can someone communicate an idea to you that you’ve ‘never’ heard before, yet you get it? How is it even possible for you to conceive of an idea ‘brand new’ to you but then you realize what it means? Consider that outspoken wordsmiths melt their steal by shamelessly exploiting their experiences to carve out their stake — here are we, plagiarizing thoughts we don’t think, feelings we don’t feel, previous work we didn’t enact, a historical sense that’s not ours, and an environment we didn’t manifest, this is how we create. Yes, we plagiarize plagiarizers, which iteratively sends us back to the start that was made up with a basis from the imagination — trained and stimulated by the environment — and the environment, which we would call lunacy if someone did such today. My plagiarized lunacy — writer’s blocks — means your distanced — baseless to me — lunacy is crazy, childishness once more.
We imagineers: our creations are metaphorically written for the apparent world, the apparent self, and without trusting these appearances, there wouldn’t be a life at all! Imagine that.
[Shadow World]
Enlightenment is just outside of this cave — inside everyone serious, sad, calculated, manipulative, the jolly-few, and even more, play with another by touching shadows on the wall as shadow poets standby without pity for them: they cuddle with the illusion of certainty; let them have their oxytocin. For truth is just an illusion that they have forgotten, or never knew, is an illusion. But you remember, consequently, the truth is a trick; we are human, all-too-magician: sleight of hand, sleight of eye, but no God-eye — and out here is the only place where you aren’t boxed in or blocked out. Enlightenment is the insanity of nothingness. Only the dead could be sanely enlightened. This place is where we cave dwellers toss you after you die, push you away when you instigate us to join you to see what waits beyond this cave. When you accidentally fall off, we have a soft spot for you, but when you jump off for yourself to go ‘down’ for the last time, we genuinely don’t know how to feel about you; wishful love you may very well never receive is the best we can gift to you after this. Know that Descartes and Rumi agree: go back into the cave. Live your days with every metaphor your heart can imagine, convince your instincts to believe in them, deeds are seeds that you split-plant-paint on the wall! Grow on! Don’t give up! Enlightenment can wait, that is your final destination, and this is your only journey. Wake up for the last and first time later on. In the meantime: speak your heart, mind, and body until you sound out your soul into existence. The soul is rebellion! The absurdity of all these writing blocks are not excuses to quit. Prove your worth the only way that is humanly possible: prove that you can’t be stopped! Even absurdity can’t make you give up! That is the human’s only timestamp! The only way to earn your last stop! Otherwise, your final stop is granted to you out of nature’s empty pity reflecting your idleness. And so as life’s crude assembly line goes: start-up, impress! Imprint! Time’s up.
[Our Cave’s Threshold]
I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside. - Rumi
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2022.01.26 21:05 nocturnal-madame I’m moving into one of the McGill residences. Looking to socialize more and get into parties

Also would prefer if it had decent meal plans (not picky) and adequate amenities (enough bathrooms, good heating, study areas, etc.)
Any thoughts??
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2022.01.26 21:05 xXkillasnipez28 Does attempting to unhook yourself increase the odds?

I believe I read something a long time ago (on the loading screen tips or wiki, I don’t recall) that if you attempt to 4% it increases the odds of unhooking yourself for you and others.
Just curious to know if this is true or not
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2022.01.26 21:05 ashelo Being vegan means eating pizza (extra thick GF crust, hot Italian beyond sausage, DF-cheese, garlic, bell peps, red os, mushrooms, tomato soz) for brekky

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2022.01.26 21:05 macawz Best cheap conditioner/mask for curly hair with tendancies towards moisture overload?

I really like the Shea moisture manuka honey mask but my wallet doesn't! Does anyone have a good cheaper alternative?
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2022.01.26 21:05 Zee-Dee-Zachary Oh cry me a river, some people wanted you to lose. 🙄

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2022.01.26 21:05 louieneuy Normal anxiety?

I'm not new to EMS in general, but I'm in paramedic school and so I'm new to ALS. So I'm in the second term of my associates degree in paramedic technology (that's just what the school calls it, it's paramedic school) And recently I've been plagued with anxiety surrounding my career. I've been an EMT-B for several years now, and I really like the job. I made the choice to advance to paramedic because as we all know, there's no money in it unless you're a higher level providefirefighter (I have no interest in being a firefighter) I'm taking two of the more difficult classes for the degree right now (comprehensive anatomy and physiology and pharmacology) and have been feeling very stressed and anxious, causing me to doubt that this is right for me.
TLDR: I'm in paramedic school feeling very stressed and anxious about my career.
So my question is this normal anxiety because paramedic school is difficult? Or is this a sign I'm not cut out for this
Sorry for the long post
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2022.01.26 21:05 Mango_jpg Games being deleted!

I used cesium to put a few games on my TI-84 Plus CE, and they get periodically deleted. How do I prevent this?
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2022.01.26 21:04 Outrageous-Ear-7562 Verified PHYSICS Tutor Available

I am here to help. I think online learning can be just as good as in person learning. Or even better if the teacher is great! I am proud to offer both tutoring and assistance.
Have exams and assignments been running you in circles? Is the pressure to perform to your own? I am here to help. I think online learning can be just as good as in person learning. Or even better if the teacher is great! I am proud to offer both tutoring and assistance.
Have exams and assignments been running you in circles? Is the pressure to perform to your own standards weighing you down? Does PHYSICS just utterly confuse you, and you desire the aid of a seasoned pro'? Whatever the reason may be, I would like to thank you for considering me, and welcome you to an environment where your academic growth is supported.
It is my mission to see every student achieve success beyond his or her own expectations. I really enjoy helping students succeed in their classes. I am flexible and get you the grade YOU want. Please text me on +1 (628) 218-7242 if you are interested in any of the following services:
* *Full completion of an online class.*
* *Individual assignment (hw, quiz, test, project) completion*
* *One time test help - sending pictures back and forth*
I specialize in PHYSICS, but I am experienced with other subjects as well, JUST ASK ME!
My rate is friendly and negotiable! Half payment is done on half task done and the balance cleared after completion.
You can also reach me via email and on Discord: Winner#0398.
Please contact me if you need help getting through your online classes and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!
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2022.01.26 21:04 Risnet35 Scopely u have to fix yourself

So you make tons and tons of daily expensive offers but you can’t send a normal message ?
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2022.01.26 21:04 ducks_are_round Beginning of the latest Book of Boba episode starting off like

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2022.01.26 21:04 Bane_Tehdoggo Is the manga finished or will there be a chapter 78? And more to come?

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2022.01.26 21:04 THEZUKUS Minn. Senate GOP pushing public safety, tax breaks in coming session

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2022.01.26 21:04 elis_richards Legit check nocta

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2022.01.26 21:04 wayfaringstranger2 Not able to cum with gf

So I've been seeing a girl now for a few months. It's going really well. We get along great, and I can tell that she feels for me just as I do for her. Our sex life is also good, except for one major problem. I have yet to cum with her at all. I've been PMOing since I was a young teen, and ever since then it became a strong habit in my life, as much as eating. I would do it every night. Over the years I've seen the ways it has negatively impacted my life, whether it's ruining my confidence, my social life, or making my love life basically non existent. Also over time, the porn I watched got more and more extreme, with me ultimately stumbling into the horrible goon genre. I never however actually thought I had a problem. That was until I met my gf.
At first I had some trouble getting/staying hard, so I would simply try not to PMO for a few days before we would hang. I still didn't think I really had to quit. It helped, and I was able to get hard and stay hard, yet no matter how long we made love I wouldn't finish. I thought then that it was time to quit, at least for a little while. This is when I realized my problem. I would be going to sleep and just want to take a peek, justifying it by saying I just want to see if I can get hard and then I'll stop watching. Then I would start masturbating. I would be on the toilet on my phone and just want another peek. And so began this phase of watching and masturbating but not cumming.
It's now been months and while we have had some great sex, and I can easily make her cum, and she really gets me going, I still have yet to cum. I will add however that while the sex does feel good, if I'm being completely honest, masturbation feels better to me. I know that's because my brain/body is more used to PMO, but I must be honest. She finally asked me what the problem was, and I told her I didn't know, but I know what the issue is. We're hanging later this week and I'm going to come clean to her. I just hope she can understand.
For those who have had this issue, how long did it take with nofap to remedy the issue? I'm on day three now, and definitely getting strong urges. It's just too damn easy to look at this shit, but I'm feeling strong and resisting. Just trying to distract myself with talking to friends and playing games and such.
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2022.01.26 21:04 PM-ME-SMILES-PLZ Sexual harassment in the military now a crime under Biden order

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2022.01.26 21:04 danny0wnz Mail day! Morant from the first optic cello I ever opened. Clarke for the PC. First BGS sub

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2022.01.26 21:04 BigSilent You can now request features, project integrations, report bugs, etc.

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2022.01.26 21:04 Excellent_Low192 It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve got my wisdom teeth removed. However, my top right still feels some discomfort. Like food stuck there or something, is this okay or should I get it checked out?

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2022.01.26 21:04 JimmyAtreides Payment Problems with visa card

Does anybody have an idea why I according to Spotify AND Disney+ my visa payment gets rejected by
I contacted the customer service 2 days ago and still don't have a reply. Everything worked fine for the last few months. My card is topped up with more than enough euros..
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