i’m bored, what’s your parents credit card number with the three numbers on the back and the expiration date?

2021.11.28 11:37 Tossy123-lmao_bro i’m bored, what’s your parents credit card number with the three numbers on the back and the expiration date?

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2021.11.28 11:37 Schmosby0514 Cresselia 3472 0561 9237

3472 0561 9237
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2021.11.28 11:37 armandbig33 Anakin's hair

Hi I have really long hair and would like to keep "longer" look. Problem is I do a lot of fighting and as anyone who's been in a boxing match with long hair will know, you can't react quickly enough to punches/kicks you don't see in your peripheral field of view. One solution would be to cut it the other to tie it up. I don't like short hair and I don't like tied up hair so what do I do?
I like star wars and always liked anakin's haircut. I noticed that in his acrobatic scenes the actor's hair doesn't get near his eyes because it appears to be cut in a certain way. The problem is that my mother says it is only because he's got a lot of hairspray/product in it and I can't spare the time or energy to even brush it regularly let alone style it. Now that it's so long (2.5 years of growth)i don't need to comb too often as it just falls with the gravity. I'm scared of cutting it to anakin's length because it might just stick in all directions and frizz as it usually does when shorter. if i just cut it a bit shorter and keep the fringe to chin length it won't help much with fighting cause then i can't even tie it anymore without the bangs slipping out of the tie and into my eyes.
My question: Are there any long hairstyles that will grant me full f.o.v whilst not being a focuhila?
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2021.11.28 11:37 OppositeCrazy6511 Carrot (gajar)Halwa

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2021.11.28 11:37 Regular-Suit3018 Do certain schools in the T14 give a larger ED boost to people below both medians than others?

I’ve read on many blogs that ED is primarily a good opportunity for splitters but have had a hard time finding the stats for applicants below both medians.
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2021.11.28 11:37 StrangerOfHere Question about bridge spam

Should I switch from poison to fireball which counters royal hogs and lumberloon very well? If I do switch how should I play against graveyard and other swarm heavy decks?
Should I switch to battle ram instead of goblin gang which I've been using for a long time? I like it's defensive capabilities but I feel like I'm missing out on what BS best does: continuous bridge pressure in 2x and 3x.
Thanks to anyone who takes their time to answer some mid-ladder scrub's questions.
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2021.11.28 11:37 newest85 Apple m1

Apple M1 support is planned (does not work via rosetta)
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2021.11.28 11:37 HustlersMoney Limping

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2021.11.28 11:37 SmallSun3713 Johan and Jan hairswap sketch

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2021.11.28 11:37 thesnapening Broken foot is a lovely shade of purple and painful

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2021.11.28 11:37 Matter_17 This Kilo skin is glitched. It always transforms to this abomination while ADS'ing

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2021.11.28 11:37 IntegrityIsParamount Why "They Just Want To Play Up The Mystery Of Who Is The DR!" Is SOOOO STUPID

Firstly, we know he is Rand Al Thor and if you have a third of a brain and read the first 100ish pages (or google on google, don't do this if you haven't read all the books) of tEotW you know that it is him.

WOT was NEVER about "Oh my god, oh my god who is the DR? I am team Nynaeve, team Red, team Daenerys!!!", it was about HOW the person reacts, develops and changes due to the fact that he is the DR. How the world see's him (which is much more complicated than the show makes it out to be, to describe the chosen one in TWOT is very complicated because he isn't looked forward to by some, hated by others, feared by others, loved by others and etc....), how his friends see him. How his character molds and reacts to this staggering news. How his entire personality remains the same and completely shifts in different aspects. How his emotions are changed. Duty is a mountain, death is a feather etc... It is about the complicated nature of the DR. AND, it isn't the end all be all of character work either. To make it a "OMG OMG TEAM JON SNOW!" shit ruins countless character arcs like Perrin, Mat,Nynaeve, Egwene who have amazing character arcs, some people even say there character arcs and development are better than Rand's (I don't agree but I can see how they think that).

It isn't about "Oh my god Queen, I am Team Nynaeve and Perrin! They are heckin sooo coooool! They are probably the Dragon afloat or some shit!". No, just no.
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2021.11.28 11:37 tlacct Windows has been around for 36 years but still can’t tell you what program is using your USB drive when you try to eject

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2021.11.28 11:37 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoCurrencyTrading] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 11:37 Obelisk_M This Dem op cant keep doing it.

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2021.11.28 11:37 Mimitouplin I love kvk

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2021.11.28 11:37 BestJoJoisJoJo Don't mind me, I'm just going to get out of this Stone Ocean. After months, I can finally get back to whistling JoJo openings!

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2021.11.28 11:37 gskdio Subject looks photoshopped into the picture?

Sometimes when I do full body shot with low aperture (2.8 for example), when I edit the picture the subject is well in focus and the background is nice and blurry, but it looks like the subject was photoshopped into the picture. Too much 2d maybe?
Why does it happen and is it possible to fix it in editing?
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2021.11.28 11:37 stupid-cat-with-face Summary of president John Marshall second term: 1817-1821

Inaugurated after a landslide victory in 1816. Marshall has remained a popular present but the panic of 1819 struck the nation and Marshall’s much praised national bank feel onto itself with and with it having caused inflation and a overturn of investing from the internal improvements project and Marshall’s high spending. Meanwhile the Torys political power begun to fade as many leave the party and they drift into the federalist caucus. The national liberty party is also searching for a identity as the nationalist faction is dwindling and many John the more Roundhead part. The question over slavery also grows further.
President: John Marshall 1813-1821
Vice President: Samual Dexter: 1813-1816 Vacant 1816-1817 Thomas Pinckney 1817-1821
Security of state: John Quincy Adams 1813-1821.
Security of the treasury: Thomas Willing 1813-1815 Stephen Van Rensselaer: 1813-1816 James Roosevelt 1816-1819 Samual Slater 1819-1821
Security of war: John Doughy 1813-1814 Jacob Brown: 1814-1818 William Henry Harrison 1818-1821
Security of the navy: Stephen Decor 1813-1816 Paul Hamilton 1816-1816 Vacant 1816-1816 Robert smith 1816-1817 Smith Thompson 1817-1820 Oliver perry 1820-1821
Attorney General: Thomas Pinckney 1813-1817 Harrison Gary Otis 1817-1819 Timothy Pitkin 1819-1821
Marshall is now trying to balance federalist and republicans forces with men like Pitkin and Harrison in his cabinet. However many republicans have called Marshall’s cabinet sloppy and disorganized which they point mostly to Marshall’s handling of the security of the navy. But Marshall’s prized member and likely successor is his secretary of state John Quincy Adams. Thomas Pinckney following the inauguration was moved to the Vice Presidency and was replaced by Harrison G Otis. Until 1819. But many still wish for Dexter to have been Alicia to fill the Vice President void. Security of war Harrison is much prized by Marshall and has proved to be a effective security of war as Harrison climbs the political ladder further many want him to run for president.
The economy:
As the era of good feelings run on it did collimate eventually with a crash with the panic of 1819 this proved to be a big embarrassment for Marshall and the Federalists. The panic was caused by over printing and handouts form the national bank as well as by over spending. Marshall has taken efforts to counter the panic such as cutting back on the internal improvements spending. Marshall has also signed a lower tariff bill. But this was hotly contested by the senate but as trade increases many believe the us has become to reliant on foreign powers and there trade. So many call for a increased tariff. Marshall and increased toll prices on major federal highways but has also lowered taxis. Marshall is attempting to now regulated the national bank to curve inflation however with little progress being done. In late 1820 the economy’s of European slowed trade with American assuring a true economic disaster in the south but Marshall uses the opportunity to promote internal trade which some southern cotton trader have done and been leaning into a inter states cotton trade to from. But with the economy rapidly failing Marshall hopes it will recover quickly however in 1820 many republicans in congress but into question the banking act and passed the “deregulation act of 1820” which regulated the banks powers but Marshall a strong supporter of the bank believing this would caused further panic and disorganized. vetoed the bill being a major presidential action especially right before a election.
Foreign affairs:
Security of state Adams has sent a new diplomat to France after Monroe in 1818 with the goal of repairing relations this has worked and the us and France have made up and a new trade agreement was signed allowing close trade with French merchant vessels. But this act was widely criticized by the American populist as they saw it as Adams selling out to France. As the economy’s of European regain function after Napoleon Bonaparte empire has fallen trade with America day for the cotton trade in England has begun to plummet but many still do but as the textile industry begins to boom in England and the clothing made from it in the north is also being sold in France and the lowland nations. But it has hurt trade significantly and many blame Marshall’s reliance on free trade as the cusses of the panic. Anglo American relations have also begun to heal from the war and president has prompted the idea of reconciliation and trad width England although the isolationist and more anti trade cores gain power in the nation.
After the end of Jackson’s war as it is now know to the local In the south ended with the tribes being put in federal control. While wars still rage on in far off places on the edge of the frontier like Iowa and the edge of Missouri. While raids are less common now the they use to be they still do happen. President Marshall is currently organizing the southern territory’s as the new native tribes there are still acting as tho the has not changed them but Marshall is attempting to put in federal control over the natives and regulate there land for settlers. Maritime trade has opened up in the Caribbean as Jamaica’s cotton producers sell more and more to the other Caribbean states and Latin American nations leading to the island to become even more fattened in slave power.
Marshall’s internal improvements project has been significantly damaged by the economic panic and have a new highway form Richmond the Charleston was built all projects where delayed until further noticed however Marshall hopes that the panic will slowly go away the project and continue. However his hopes are misplaced as with the republicans more and more opposed to the idea and then slowly gaining congressional seats it is likely Marshall project may die with the panic. But it has done so much already mostly in the Midwest and northeast and the postal system being established. In 1820 Marshall got trough the postal bill in congress which created the job of postmaster general going no to effect March 4th 1821 as a new cabinet position ingraining the postal system into the nation.
The Virginia compromise:
As the division over slave and free states heats up many southerns want more slave state admitted with New Brunswick being added as a state many the balance is now 13-12 one more free states then slave this created a massive debate in congress and small amounts of chaos in congress and especially the senate. In April Congressman Jesse B. Thomas and senator James Barbour. Came up with the Virginia compromise stating that West Virginia county’s would break off from Virginia and that would fix the balance and that any state above the 36.30 north would be a free states any state below it would be a slave state. Representative Henry Clay liked the idea and used his massive influence in the house to pass the bill president Marshall also liked the idea and so in November 1820 West Virginia resolution was passed by both house of congress and the state of Kanawha was born. This act proved popular and boosted the Federalist popularity nation wide. However same day it only delayed a true solution to the division over slavery.
After 1812 the party’s changed massively with the Roundheads and nationalist merging and the nationalist faction being virtually dead by 1820. The Democratic-Republicans have taken the mantle of becoming a more center party especially as the national landscape draws more to there ideas as Marshall is a more moderate Federalist in his own right. The Torys as many refuse to support them the radicals such as Cabot and Pitkin gain more power and the party is crumbling. The Federalist have also become more moderate and have become the main anti republicans party but to do that have embraced some ideas of Republicanism. The nation while United has its division over slavery and the panic drifts it more apart however many are still hopeful.
View Poll
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2021.11.28 11:37 EdVintage Kash Karoon's Krazy Kollektibles: white and teal T3 shockwave jet fighter from a rich Vy'Keen system in Euclid.

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2021.11.28 11:37 The_Bost_ Just made this new base for fun. thoughts?

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2021.11.28 11:37 CathleenBurt Crypto Weekly News: Meme Token Rises After Achieving 1M Holders, ConstitutionDAO Token Amid Closing Down and More - Crypto.co

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2021.11.28 11:37 jeanmcqueen Guy calls conservative talk show, slips in 20 punk band names in to his 'rant' on air.

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2021.11.28 11:37 BirbBoss So how many Xenos races are there besides the main factions?

I know during the great crusade, basically any Xenos race the imperium came across was wiped out for one reason or another, but I know the likes of kroot and the bug guys that fight for the tau, also the lachrymoles still exist. Besides them, what other sentient Xenos creatures are there?
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2021.11.28 11:37 The_Deity Top minds think conservatives are under-represented minority

This idiot posted a screenshot of a question from their school asking if they were part of an under represented minority, nobody in the sub can handle this simple question apparently. Comment section is full of people that are absolutely sure they're victims. These people are getting triggered by a question while at the same time trying to say other people are weak, lol. They have zero self awareness!
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