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2021.11.28 10:59 Theodore-Duke 30 [m4f] looking for new people

Anybody and subject x
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2021.11.28 10:59 way-to-gomar Just over 2 months ago, I decided to start improving my life. I genuinely made more progress in 60 days than I have in the last 3 years. Read if you want to be less depressed. [Advice]

I cried from happiness this morning, for the first time in a good while. I feel like I'm finally getting back to my old self - the Omar that was dedicated, grateful, active and sentimental. It was only when I went back through my noteback that I realised how far I've come.
This is my advice to anyone wanting to improve themselves, particularly if you are depressed like I was. Pretty much all of last year, I did hardly any uni work, and sat at my computer screen all day. Literally the only times I would leave my room would be to get food (just to bring it up to my room), to brush my teeth and to take a shit. I stopped exercising completely for months on end, and substituted this with instant gratification activities like watching youtube and porn, and playing PC games. I intended to start this journey at the start of 2021, and guess what? I delayed it, and delayed it, and kept delaying it, because that was what I had conditioned myself to do whenever something got hard.
The biggest piece of advice I could give to someone starting out like I was, is the phrase: Be more human.
Now I don't want to get all deep and philosophical about what it means to be a human, but here is the key takeaway. Over hundereds of thousand, maybe even millions of years (I'm bad at history lol), humans evolved, into what we see today. Our environment has evolved and our circumstances have improved: almost all of you reading this will have easy access to food, clean water, shelter, warmth, clothing, etc. However, we have pretty similar brains to our ancestors, we have the same needs and we react to the stimuli in the same way - If you grab a hot object, your reflexes will force you to drop or let go of that object. Our ancestors would probably spend hours tracking and hunting down dinner, then enjoy that meal around a fire with their tribe, and as day turns to night, they'd gaze up at the stars before going to sleep in a crusty hut made of mud. Essentially, our ancestors delayed gratification all the time - they had to put in mental and physical work to acquire a meal, and some days, food wasn't even guaranteed. They had to be grateful for what they had at that current moment, because they didn't know if they'd have the same food tomorrow, or if their access to water would be comprimised.
Two of the most powerful tools to fight depression in my personal experience have been exercise, and practising gratitude. I would go so far as saying that these are requirements if you want to feel happier and improve your life, not just for when you feel like it. How can we expect to feel happy and not depressed when we are not living like humans? How can we expect to feel happy by sitting in a room all day, staring at a screen, and destroying our posture? How can we expect to feel happy when we constantly worry about the future, but can't appreciate what we have in this current moment? How can we expect to feel human?
If you pair these two tools with meditation, the results increase tenfold. If you've never tried it, or even if you've just started, you might think how sitting still with your eyes closed makes you happy. And at first I did too, but once you develop it into a regular habit, you realise. You realise how lucky you are to open your eyes and have shelter, warmth and comfort. You learn how to control your breathing, this helped me significantly reduce my anxiety in certain situations. Possibly the most important thing, is that you learn to be self aware of how your body feels and its wants. I sometimes fall back into my bad habits or general laziness. I can now tell when I feel lethargic, and when I need to get off my ass and go for a walk. I can tell how good or bad my posture is and correct it immediately. I can tell how fast or slow my heart is beating, if my breaths are too shallow, if I'm breathing incorrectly. So hey, don't knock it until you try it.
So I've given you this long ass deep rant and advice, but I know you probably won't do any of it until I give you some actionable steps. So here you go :)
Start small, I'm talking less than baby steps. If you are in the position that I was, where you've completely lost your work ethic and willpower, you need to start tiny. When we start too big we can't sustain. The main principle is that it didn't take one big drop to fall into depression, it won't take you one leap to get out of it. It took me 4 whole years for me to realise I was depressed and that I need to change, that is how gradual it can be - it sneaks up on ya.
Apply this principle to exercise, practising gratitude, meditation and any other goals you have, and dedicate an everyday journal to track progress. Put the things you want to achieve at the top of the page, in a row. And in a column down the left side, put today's date. Let's assume you were at the stage I was, no willpower, no work ethic, gets tired easily. Start with 1 push up today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the next day, and so on. Or if you want to start meditating, on the first day, meditate for one second, then two seconds the next day, then 3 seconds the next. If you want to start gratitude journaling, write down one thing you're grateful for today, then 2 things the next day, and so on. If you want to read more, start with one sentence, then incease to two sentences etc. The trick is to stop before it feels like a chore. If you want to start a habit, and it already feels like a chore, then you will fail. Build discipline up slowly but surely, and before you know it, you will have surpassed what you thought you could do in a few months, heck even a week.
I hope this has been helpful to you, I hope what I've said makes actual sense and I don't just seem like a self help guru. If this helps at least one other person I'd be really happy. These things have absolutely saved me from depression, they might work for you, you might think they won't. Go ahead and try them and I promise you won't have any regets. And remember, be more human :)
(If this post has helped you, and you would like to help me, I'd be incredibly grateful if you would consider subscribing to my Youtube Channel. I will start uploading self improvement style videos very soon, first video should drop in the next few days!)
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2021.11.28 10:59 HungryJta Update on 1/100 Ms oslofjord from 1938

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2021.11.28 10:59 arenaminecraft Learning Dota2!

Hey guys, I'm completely recent to MOBAs. I tried getting into Dota years ago but I couldn't figure anything out. I'm older now but I still feel uneasy while approaching a new genre, especially a team based one where every role counts. Is there anyone who could teach me from ⠀the very basics? I am from India, and I speak English, Hindi and Bengali. I'll be completely free every day, at least for the next week. My free time may vary after that.
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2021.11.28 10:59 OGDrollinger Been thinking about getting into Luffy, with all these rug pools around it’s hard to get into smaller projects.. no FUD ,but why should I invest into luffy🙂 and yes I’ve don’t my research and no I will not particularly listen to anyone on here but it’s good to get ideas. Thanks

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2021.11.28 10:59 NotBen_2 What's up with Mint and it's transaction categories lately?

For the longest time Mint has been actively categorizing merchants and specific transactions under the appropriate budgets. But for the past two weeks I've noticed mint has been dropping the ball. Scheduled transfers between bank accounts would normally mark correctly but now they don't. Merchants that I use regularly no longer show up under the correct budget. Hell, mint thought a gas station charge was a fucking utility charge even though Shell has always been a gas transaction for me.
Anyone else notice this lately?
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2021.11.28 10:59 zuleyha84 60% off >> $7.99 >> BlitzWolf BW-SD3 50W 4 Ports Fast Car Charger Banggood Coupon Code [Poland Warehouse]

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2021.11.28 10:59 whatobamaisntblack Best purchases thread

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2021.11.28 10:59 Familiar-Ad-8411 Groped this girl after following her for 30 mins. A normal pic of her at last. I don't know her insta or have more of her pics so don't ask just had one.

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2021.11.28 10:59 EestiMentioned [/r/MarsWallStreet] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 10:59 KarmaTheDrago Join the Kaogari Forest🐾 Discord Server! Our very own Furry Server!

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2021.11.28 10:59 aBaltimoreRavensFan Please please please tell me this is true!!! Is season 6 coming out ???

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2021.11.28 10:59 leehamc Any recommendations for cheap One Touch/Magnetic card holders for Allen & Ginter mini cards?

Kind of a specific question but, I'm looking for a sleek way to display/protect A&G mini cards instead of putting them into regular toploaders. Open to smaller toploaders too but would prefer a heftier option that's good value.
As a side note: anyone else think A&G mini parallels (black/gold bordeA&G Back etc.) represent some pretty good value these days? I just bought a Luis Robert mini gold border RC for $9 shipped. Pretty cool lower print run rookie parallels can be had for pretty cheap.
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2021.11.28 10:59 Nick05OfficialYT ush

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2021.11.28 10:59 aaawaaaw21 buying stuff

Paying 22k for mc skirt
paying 23k for val skirt
paying 18k for val corset
paying 1k for val cuffs
paying 23k for val heels
paying 19k for peppermint corset
paying 22k for peppermint skirt
paying 20k for christmas queen skirt
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2021.11.28 10:59 Affect_Zealousideal Playing a minecraft server.

Hello, I am trying to play Minecraft with my sibling on a mc server hosted on my PC. We are able to play LAN but Minecraft servers do not work. I am using the official .jar and websites say that my 25565 port is open. I am not sure if there is something I am missing.
On their screen it says io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectExeption: Connection timed out: no further information:
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2021.11.28 10:59 Nahkishi Sweet fuel during factory run

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2021.11.28 10:59 Only_Cap_3717 Tune Fm

The project is very interesting and much promising and I support your platform for a long time. Many rating sites show excellent ratings.https://tune.fm/
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2021.11.28 10:59 Aggressive_Bed_9774 world population density, 2015

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2021.11.28 10:59 smiepel Getting started with model painting

Me and a friend want to buy and paint our first models but don't really know how to get started with the paint. The models aren't really cheap and it gets a bit to pricey if you want to buy all the paint. So i was wondering if there are other cheaper and good paint options or how you handled this?
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2021.11.28 10:59 rCTAbot News: Police Respond To Shots Fired Call At Clark And Lake CTA Stop - CBS Chicago

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2021.11.28 10:59 azots Is there a way to play the game in maximised window mode on PC?

I'm on the steam version and want to play on naximised windowed mode. By this I mean on windowed mode but it taking all of the screen, except for the Taskbar. Like when you maximise a word doc or something like that. This was a thing for BL2 & the pre-secual. But in BL3 I only see reduction settings or full screen. Borderless only seems to make it full screen with no difference to actual full screen. Thanks for the help in advance.
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2021.11.28 10:59 Trojan44 No one has said anything yet, but those are Dungeons and Dragons dice!

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2021.11.28 10:59 L4TZZZ anyone got stardew valley cracked for macos

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2021.11.28 10:59 Goanimelist1 Mieruko-chan episode 9

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