“Your pain will be temporary I murmured to the person I was torturing.”

2021.11.28 11:38 Miserable-Argument40 “Your pain will be temporary I murmured to the person I was torturing.”

I enjoyed the fear he showed when I pointed my gun towards his head.
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2021.11.28 11:38 Skylineaccountant998 Should i include that i was homeless on my PIQs?

So yeah, I was homeless, living in my car my second semester of my freshman year of my Community college situation.
I don't want to give that much information on this post of course because its a little embarrassing but these are my concerns about it. Long story short me and a relative were kicked out of our host relatives house in the school year and had to live in a truck while occasionally staying in hotels when we had the money. We weren't the typical homeless because we washed clothes at laundromat and kept up hygiene using gym showers. I am no longer homeless it was only for 5 months. I went back home to my family out of state and did online college until i was able to return to California.

  1. Who will be reading my essay , adults? Young adults? Students or grad students that i might run into on campus or some mutual friend might know?
  2. The only real reason even considering adding it is because they are my lowest grades of any semester an A and B+, and a B. I am skimming just below the ideal gpa admit for my major. Classes were time consuming and math oriented so it wasnt like i was taking easy elective credit classes
  3. If i include it will it make me look mentally unstable, unconventional, unorthodox or unreliable? from a standpoint of a admission officer what would they see in a person that was previously homeless? Does it look a little unprofessional
Finally, is it too much or a little uncouth to include that i was homeless? Again on a college application i know its expected to show hardships and what not but is it a little too personal to include things of this nature? Again I dont like to show it off and i really rather not want people to know what i went through.
Thankyou in advance
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2021.11.28 11:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Opinion: Los Angeles Rams need Odell Beckham Jr. to prove himself once again | USA Today

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2021.11.28 11:38 thunderingboomer Ennui Token + P2E Game + Giveaway on Launch + XRP Rewards

COME AND MEET ENNUI WHAT IS ENNUI? ENNUI is a presale token launching on pancakeswap with a game + rewards The game will be a P2E (Play to earn) 2D platformer similar to Super Mario where you can collect coins. We decided to go with it so people can earn passive income in XRP just by collecting coins and holding the token, basically we want you to be earning from the tokens + our reward system. Giveaway coming on Launch Day, we will choose a few winners to get the giveaway, and for every purchase they make we will give them 30% more tokens. Join And Be A Part Of This Great Journey!
Ennui is a platform where you can play to earn + We will give you XRP for simply holding ENNUI, that’s why we love redistribution.
REFERX Refer people to ENNUI using your own personalised link and earn XRP rewards.
WEBSITE: https://ennuicoin.com/ TWITTER:https://twitter.com/EnnuiCoin TELEGRAM:https://t.me/ennuiofficial ✨TOKENOMICS: Total Supply tokens✨ 💰THERE’S A 10% REFLECT TAX PER TRANSACTION💰 🔥4% Rewards🔥 💎3% MARKETING💎 🎁3% BuyBack (Goes Back To Holders)🎁
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2021.11.28 11:38 HistAnsweredBot [Link] Why were medieval Christians so ignorant about Islam despite the long term cultural exchange in Andalusia?

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2021.11.28 11:38 snydist [REQ] $300 to be paid back by December 23rd 2021

I’m starting a new job on December 6th and I’m just looking for enough to pay for expenses.
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2021.11.28 11:38 edditbot (+89992) Octopus uses a shield of shells to defend itself against a shark.

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2021.11.28 11:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Question looms over Vanessa Bryant lawsuit against Los Angeles County: What does she want? | USA Today

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2021.11.28 11:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Harris, Michelle Obama top Dem picks in 2024 if Biden doesn’t run: poll | NY Post

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2021.11.28 11:38 CecilBeck65 The Ka-Tet of Nineteen

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2021.11.28 11:38 Ms_Thang_1234 Am I wrong for talking to this man?

OK so long story: I was driving home from school with my friend and her fiancé and as we were entering my home city they asked if I had a plug. now I haven’t lived here for a couple of months so I didn’t have anyone but I asked my friend Susie if she had somebody she could recommend. She sent me someone’s snap to buy from. A couple days later I message him and ask if I could buy from him so I pull up to his apartment complex and it’s the same complex as my friend Susie. so I’m walking inside and I see that she’s parked in the parking lot and I go up and I say hi and I let her know that I stopped by to buy from him and she says that she’s going to come with me because he makes her feel uncomfortable and he’s weird with some other girls. I get my stuff and go home.
About a month or so later I am getting off of work and I see that he posts on Snapchat that he has some edibles so I messaged him and I asked if I could come through and pick some up and he says yes. I I show up and we’re talking just about work and school and he asked if I was busy on Friday to go out and get some Boba and to also be in his roommates photo shoot and I agree because I didn’t have anything to do that Friday night. So I show up and it wasn’t what I had expected it was fairly clear that he just wanted to have sex but I really wasn’t interested in that so majority of the night I was turning down his advances but I also was just playing along flirting a little bit no big deal to me. Honestly the entire night was funny to me just how it was all playing out and I wasn’t taking any of it too seriously. I go home let him know i had a good time and leave it at that.
The next day I was talking to Susie and I was letting her know about my night. I let her know about something that he did that made me uncomfortable and she had said that she was going to text him and let him know. I told her that it was no big deal she did not need to do that. she said that no she needed to because she knew that I wasn’t going to tell him myself. Right after that he called and then he texted me asking what she was talking about. I said i felt uncomfortable with some things he did. He was upset that i didn’t tell him to begin with and i apologized for not letting him know. Kinda figured stuff would end after that and i was a little embarrassed for not saying anything and being called out for it.
A couple days later he had messaged me and asked if I wanted to get some dinner I agreed. I showed up and we talked a little bit more about the situation he had apologized. I had said I’m not sorry for talking with Susie but i do apologize again for not telling him in the moment. Right after this time I had gotten a call from Susie I hung it up and then texted her that I was with him and we were talking. Then there was a knock at the door and it was Susie she asked me to come outside to her apartment so that we could talk. I go outside and she starts yelling at me saying that I am immature for going back there and I had no reason to go back there and how I am attention seeking and insecure and that I don’t respect myself given how he had made me uncomfortable before. I had let her know that he had apologized and we were fine. She said that I should’ve let her know that I was going to go back there and that it was embarrassing for her to stand up for me just for me to go back there. At this point with how she was talking to me i decided to leave and go home.
The next day she had texted me and she had apologized for yelling at me but not for what she had said. She said that I had no business talking to him again or talking to him in the first place and how I can’t be making mistakes like this. I had apologize to her for the situation and how it was selfish on my part and for not letting her know. I assumed that I was not doing anything wrong and making my own decisions about a person. She let me know that hanging out with him was like hanging out with a friends rapist or sexual assault her and that wasn’t OK with her. Now I take sexual assault very seriously and I’m not the type of person to excuse that behavior. Not once with talking to her did I assume he was doing some thing as bad as that but maybe that was an oversight on my part.
Now I’m not trying to bring this up as a who’s right who’s wrong situation. I acknowledge that I had no business hanging out with him in the first place. However am I wrong for making a decision about a guy and for going back after everything. Am I wrong for feeling hurt by everything that she said to me? Do i have a right to feel embarrassed by all of this? Does this make me a bad friend?
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2021.11.28 11:38 account1246 🎅SantaDoxx🎅 | liq locked for 1year | 💰 9% busd rewards | 🚀 3x$100 giveaway ongoing| Bottom is here, time to buy

🎅🏽SantaDoxx information🎅🏽
SantaDoxx token has hit the ultimate bottom. We cannot go lower, if BNB falls then we only can fall. So its time to FOMO back in and get a good bag before December. 100 Giveaway link: SWEEPWIDGET. 🎅🏽🎅🏽🎄🎄🎅🏽🎅🏽
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🎄Contract: 0x364d8db5d4d0d721fafd07f90e1ddaffb817e021
🎄 🎄100% of the LIQ locked on dxsale🎄🎄
• Token name: SantaDoxx
• Symbol: STD
• Decimal: 4
• Total Supply: 10000000000000000 (ten quadrillion)
• 9% BUSD rewards
• 3% Liquidity
• 1% Marketing
• Max Wallet 3%
🤶🏼 Main concept 🤶🏼
➼ SantaDoxx token will reward all the holders 9% BUSD rewards for holding!
Our goal is to make every holder some good FREE cash for Christmas so they could enjoy it with their family and friends!
➼ As the name says: SantaDoxx, then its logical to give more gifts to EVERYONE!
So after certain MarketCap SantaDoxx dev will give money-based gifts!
➼ Example: 50k MC one lucky guy who is on voice chat gets 0.5bnb
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➼ 200K MC etc...
➡️Also the DOXX stands for livestreams and voice calls. SantaDoxx dev will be online most of the time on this TG videocall. So make sure to tune in if you want to see the dev and ask any questions or just enjoy some good show!
🎅🏿 Wallets 🎅🏿
• 8% Marketing wallet: 0xddDcEED0953b71e06597193382e262FC78dEe587
• 3% Website Dev/Moderator: 0x05A92CE7A8461FB682a686B71870F5acF15CDa22
• Private sale was collected to get initial liquidity (LP) and for marketing push at the beginning.
• Total users: 23 - 20.38% of the supply. Max wallet 2%, minimum 0.1%.
⛄️Marketing ⛄️
✅ Done ✅:
Achilles TG promo, Thanos Raids, 4chan ads submitted, Twitter giveaway ongoing
💯Upcoming 💯
More TG calls (contacted), Twitter Promo, more giveaways, raid and shilling sessions, listing on BSC coin sites, CG fast-track (contacted); adding info on dextools + bscscan etc...
For all the info join TG group, dev doxxed there as well:
Telegram https://t.me/SantaDoxx
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2021.11.28 11:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Colts vs. Buccaneers prediction: Bet on the hot team | NY Post

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2021.11.28 11:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Lost smartphone? Here's what to do: Talking Tech podcast | USA Today

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2021.11.28 11:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://news.sky.com/story/woman-raped-and-sold-in-hull-fears-being-palmed-off-as-a-liar-by-police-12470665

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2021.11.28 11:38 GyroZeppeliTheGnome Anyone else think Vault 22 is waaay too easy?

Disclaimer: I'm aware that some people are easily scared just from being there. fair, but that doesn't change its difficulty.
and I mean, really easy. that in itself isn't a problem, obviously, but it contradicts both its lore, and its whole reason for being there.
For example, Dr.Hildern is pretty much universally disliked. and since we don't know much else about him, it's mostly because he sent like 20 people to vault 22 already, and keeps sending them even though, to his knowledge, they keep dying there. he also sent that ghoul mf Keely, who still hasn't returned. basically, you go there thinking Holy Shit, this is a death trap.
And then you get there and it's a garden full of mold Gollums, who take more time to stand up than you do to blast them all the way to the east coast. you can't aim with V.A.T.S while they're hiding, yes, but you don't have to. the only real threat in the vault is blowing up the 5th floor when keely asks you to, until you realize where you have to be.
Like... really, is THIS what killed 20+ people? none of them could beat a bunch of creeps covered in moss? and don't forget, the vault 22 crew was already in Utah not long after the war, so those who are still in the vault are at least 150+ years old. the vault ends up being far safer than the path to there, because of the cazadores, who are a pain if you don't have antivenom.
I really feel like the Spore Carriers should be tougher enemies, or at least much quicker, because the way they are, they're a non-issue. even burning the vault seems irrelevant, since the fungus has been there for way over a century and has never gone beyond the vault.
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2021.11.28 11:38 kvn864 [USA-AZ] [H] Verified PayPal [W] 5600x 5800x 5600g 5700g

perhaps I can find one of these, thanks
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2021.11.28 11:38 agarcia8782 I bought this game because of you guys!

Usually I look at Reddit threads about new games before I purchase them so I can get real reviews on games. THERES NO WAY THE GAME CAN BE THIS BAD! That’s what I said to myself before I made my way to the store to buy it. You guys are not wrong at all this is like the most shit game I’ve ever played lmao. It’s just SO BORING! 😂 Nothing like the trailers. Well thanks for your guys honest input:
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2021.11.28 11:38 Goraxplays Era of Chaos: Angel Weapon - 19:00 UK Time

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2021.11.28 11:38 londonishungry I made these 'Soy Sauce Chicken Wings' for dinner. They're a classic Hong Kong dish and a favorite of mine!

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2021.11.28 11:38 ThatOneAasimar Owlin changes (one slight buff, two big nerfs) and a bunch of confirmed things in Strixhaven

Owlin changes in Strixhaven are as follows:
1) Darkvision has been buffed from 90 feet to 120 feet similar to the Drow and other underdark races
2) Flight has been nerfed. The reaction ability to save yourself from a sudden fall after losing flight has been completely cut and the armor restrictions have been added
3) The ability to cast the detect magic spell as a ritual and then also keep it as a spell has been completely cut
4) Stealth prof is the same as it was before.
Note: No assigned ability scores are given (such as +2 Intelligence +1 Dexterity as an example)
As for the confirmed things, here's a list of a few stuff: 1) Romance options are in the book and the book kind of encourages a harem-style sort of life mechanically, though a DM may fight back against this through roleplay (such as a love triangle ruining the relationship and thus dropping a mechanical benefit). The mechanical benefit for relationships is the ability to gain a free bardic inspiration like dice per long rest that you may utilize on a given roll (you may only have a number of lovers equal to your prof. bonus at a given time. You gotta work for that harem, little man)
2) The subclasses were cut and turned into a feat, this feat is picked up with the new background which replaces the base feature a background would normally have (such as the retainers of a noble, a church accepting an acolyte, etc...) This feat gives you two cantrips (not of free choice, however, as each school has a very small list of three cantrips upon whom you must choose two) and one 1st level spell.
3) There's various monsters in the book, including the CR 24+ Elder Dragons that founded each college. Additionally there's NPC statblocks for students of various levels as well as the professors of a college with each college having two (usually an evil and a good professor)
4) Magic items have prices in this book and there's a LEGENDARY COFFEE DISPENSER THAT CAN FUEL YOU WITH ETERNAL LIFE (common magic item, gives coffee, mostly a roleplay thing.)
5) The book is very bizarre, being a hybrid of a resource-setting-adventurer-ish mesh, doesn't quite feel like Theros or Ravnica either
6) There's roleplay benefits towards having friendships and romances in the school, however there's also consequences to how you act and treat these NPCs as some may become your allies and others your bitter rivals.
7) The job system is very rudimentary and not well fleshed out, gives you 5 gp per week and may or may not help you get into the good (or bad side) of certain NPCs.
8) There's an evil group in the book, perhaps could be reflavored to be a voldemort situation if you ever run this in a Harry Potter like setting.
9) Rules for Mage Tower exist, so more mini-games to add to your collection.
That's about it so far from what I could gather. The general opinion of the early review copies that people have gotten put this book at around a 6-8 out of 10 and your enjoyment of it will vary greatly based on your group and what you expect out of it. If you are here as a player for more options, you will be gravely disappointed as there's only one race, two feats and the background is specific to this setting and can not be utilized anywhere else unless your DM approves of you somehow spelljamming from Strixhaven's world to the Forgotten Realms or something along those lines.
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2021.11.28 11:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://news.sky.com/story/rishmeet-singh-southall-murder-victim-named-as-metropolitan-police-appeal-for-information-about-fatal-stabbing-12481120

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2021.11.28 11:38 Mr_Shlong18 How do you make remix?

How do you put a song on another beat? Like take a hip hop song and put it on a Reggae beat?
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2021.11.28 11:38 Nice_Beautiful8703 Busty Whore🤤🤤🤤💦

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2021.11.28 11:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Betting angles for NFL Week 12: Falcons have upside over Jaguars | NY Post

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