Jaguar E-type

2021.11.28 12:28 DarrelJoseph65 Jaguar E-type

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2021.11.28 12:28 EternalAmmonite Please enjoy this photo of one of my otos eating bloodworms. She forgot to read the "herbivore" part of the species description.

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2021.11.28 12:28 3DGYESBE Germany

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2021.11.28 12:28 ZING-GOD SPICOLI (Official Visualizer)

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2021.11.28 12:28 HonneteJB Homework help

I am willing to give some form of compensation/prize!
Need some help with some R homework that I have. It is on linear models and bivariate and multiple regression etc.
Obviously don't want the answers as that would be cheating, but will pay for any help that can be given :)
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2021.11.28 12:28 Pewds_Minecraft Is Witsel going back up?

I packed him yesterday on ps when he was around 50k and for some idiotic reason I thought of holding on to him hoping he'd go up but now he's hadly 40k. Should I hold on and hope he goes up or sell him for 40k?
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2021.11.28 12:28 RNLittleRabbitInLove 東京都で新たに9人が感染

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2021.11.28 12:28 JellyTeenaa Say hi to my new puppy 😅

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2021.11.28 12:28 Agreeable_Piano_4341 What was the best moment in your life?

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2021.11.28 12:28 AmbassadorWorf Romulan memes would fix it all

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2021.11.28 12:28 Arkin_Balaban34 turkey all you sus

turkey all you sus
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2021.11.28 12:28 Sea-Development-6185 I tried to make a edit with no lines- (partially)

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2021.11.28 12:28 The-Bobomb-Expert A box full of sus.

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2021.11.28 12:28 TownIdiot25 I was “banned” from the Metroid cosplay groups for (I assume) being a man, which discouraged me from continuing to cosplay ZSS. I brought it back out for San Diego Comic Con this weekend and everyone loved it (and my mask)! Remember people on the Internet aren’t real!

I was “banned” from the Metroid cosplay groups for (I assume) being a man, which discouraged me from continuing to cosplay ZSS. I brought it back out for San Diego Comic Con this weekend and everyone loved it (and my mask)! Remember people on the Internet aren’t real! submitted by TownIdiot25 to Metroid [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 12:28 cutebutnope What advice would you give to somebody who is in an abusive relationship?

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2021.11.28 12:28 iamk3 Looking for Self-hosted (preferably dockerized) "Library" Catalogue Software

I'm continuing on my self hosted journey. As the title states, I'm looking for a cataloguing software. I would like for it to allow me to scan ISBNs, UPCs, etc with a barcode scanner and be able to reference back to it.
Years ago, I used a software called Librarian Pro by Koingo Software. I liked it pretty well. I'm basically looking for a self hosted version. It doesn't necessarily need to be free, but I do prefer open source.
I did come across Evergreen and Koha in my research before asking, but they seem overkill for my needs and I didn't find a dockerized version. Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.28 12:28 Rolf_Dom Pitty Party (The Soul Mutts Series Book 5) - FREE until December 5th

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2021.11.28 12:28 burtzev Work less, pollute less | Le Monde Diplomatique

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2021.11.28 12:28 waywithwords My Ol' Foxhound needs a Sweater

Do you have a great sweater for your foxhound/TWC? My 50lb, 11 year old pup Penny needs a comfy sweater. I get so frustrated with the trial and error of ordering and returning items that aren't right. Local pet stores were lacking. Link me your favorite brands & styles. Easy on/off is a plus!
pupper tax:
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2021.11.28 12:28 Psychonautron Salvia tea with ~5g?

So i have about 5g of normal dried salvia leaves left and thought about making a tea with those. Will this have any effect? If it‘s enough for a meditation in trance it‘s also perfect. Any opinions appreciated.
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2021.11.28 12:28 poserdisposer- 26 [M4A] LF Discord buddies!

Hey guys! Anyone else who's into true crime documentaries/podcasts and horror movies/books/manga? I'm looking for people with similar interests: b-movies, gore videos/mixtapes, mondo films/shockumentaries, unsolved mysteries, dark web/weird stuff and music (metal, punk/goth will do). We can also chat on Discord/Telegram. Hit me up with a short intro of yourself and let's discuss!
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2021.11.28 12:28 lucaslemu Verified Tutor in Economics// Mathematics For Economics// Financial Economics// Higher Level Advanced Econometrics// Micro/Macro Economics// Entire Online Classes// Econometrics, and Any Business Courses. Discord: BigFive#0282

Hi guys! Thank you for checking my post.
Discord: BigFive#0282
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I am equipped with the skills to bring the best out of you. I assure excellent and top-grade results in Financial Economics// Mathematics For Economics// Macro/Micro Economics// Economics// High Level Advanced Economics and many more.
Timely delivery is guaranteed and money refund in case the student is not satisfied with the grades.
+1 (217) 468-0321
Discord: BigFive#0282
Reviews/ Vouches
Vouch# 3
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Vouch 5
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2021.11.28 12:28 AmbassadorWorf Romulan capital ships

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2021.11.28 12:28 AndySLP The reality of affairs

I want to thank the posters who have recommended listening to the 2 podcasts about betrayal on The Addicted Mind (episodes 21 & 22, if I remember correctly.) My WH listened with me, and I told him that the way they described what betrayal does to a person is spot on. The only thing I didn’t relate to was the fact that some BS compare betrayal to feeling like they’ve been raped. That had never crossed my mind, but I did indeed feel like a lot of power had been taken away from me. I made some major life choices without knowing the truth about the state of my marriage. We had a good conversation about the devastation betrayal causes. It’s the ugly side that people never ever see in the movies. I personally had no idea about the trauma of betrayal. I knew it was awful, and I had seen it destroy marriages, but I had no idea about the trauma. My husband didn’t realize how much damage his cheating would do. Obviously, he hid it because he knew I’d cry/rage/divorce him, etc. But it has changed me in many ways that neither one of us were prepared for. I told him that I like to think that, had he truly known about the trauma his actions would bring, he would have acted differently. I don’t know. He was in such a fog, that’s probably wishful thinking. All I know now is that he is committed to helping me heal. I told him the hardest thing for me to accept is how his betrayal has changed the way I see the world. I miss the former version of me that believed in the goodness of people. I miss feeling safe. I used to think that if you live life the “right way,” (love others, help others when you can, follow the Golden Rule, cherish your partner, etc.), then you get good results. Sigh. Now I have a generally negative attitude about life and how the world works. Maybe I’ll brighten up eventually (we’re coming up on 9 months since dday).
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2021.11.28 12:28 lyingcorn Ranking All Bug type Pokemon Without Doing Any Research

so I'm sure you have all have seen the series on the subreddit where someone ranked all of the Pokemon of a certain type from best to worst. I saw that and decided to steal their idea but with the twist of not doing any research on these Pokemon. sidenote, I have seen u/alabamamama04's (I think thats their u/) tier list, but i'm not using that list as reference for my list)
S+ tier 1) Shuckle. Shuckle
S tier 2)scizor-mega. mega seesaw is extremely powerful, with really good defences, an attack stat that I'm pretty sure higher than feebas, the amazing typing of bug-steel and an excellent STAB move in bullet punch (that is boosted even further by technician) makes this a really strong pokemon worthy of the number 2 spot
3)Genesect. good movepool, good stats, good typing and good ability means that genesect has everything going for it... and that's the problem. Genesect is defiantly a pokemon that would benefit immensely from power creep, considering the fact that (insert information 99% of smogon users already know). anyway, genesect is a really solid pick, wish it were weaker
4)Pheramosa. Do you think people from ultra space see pheramosa in the same way a lot of people see gardevoir? like, i know some people already see pheramosa like that but... nevermind, that is irrevelant to the current topic. pheramosa is in the same boat as genesect of it being overwhelming in OU to shit on Ubers, but i personally believe that genesect is slightly better, so that is why i ranked it higher
5)Arceus-Bug. he's arceus, but a bug. moving on
A tier 6)Volcarona. this pokemon is almost as good as hitting the opponent as it is good at hitting the dance floor. volcarona only needs 1 quiver dance up to sweep a team and thanks to heavy duty boots, there are multiple opportunities for volcarona to star emoting right infront of the opponent!
7)Pincer-mega. aerilate is a strong ability and since pincer is a mega, I would assume that it has pretty good stats. return is also a strong move, so I am just gonna assume pincer-mega is top tier
8)Buzzwole. I really can't believe gamefreak put me in the game. like, the nose is a little off but other than that, this is literally me. I am actually a really strong pokemon with a lot of decent coverage moves, but where i really shine is in the fact that I get reliable recovery in leech life and roost, which helps increase my longevity. I am defiantly the best in AAA/BH with a set of triage, drain punch and lech life, but I'm also not bad in official formats
B tier 9)Scizor. it's a weaker version of mega scizor. still strong if used right but too unreliable to put in A tier imo
10)Beedrill-mega. ok so gamefreak kinda cheated making this pokemon, taking away points from it's special attack so the mega stay in the 'only add 100 points' rule. anyway, mega beedrill is a really strong pokemon. not quite strong enough to be an OU staple or anything, but it's really strong in UU (though walled hard by mega aerodactyl.
11)Durant. durant is just a worse kartana, though kartana is extremely strong, so theres no shame in that. it could sweep a team, but probably not
12)Scolipede. speed boost and sword dance. need i say more?
13)Heracross-mega. i have never seen this pokemon being used outside of metronome battles, but in metronome battles, this pokemon is one of the best. base 185 attack and interpret sword will turn even tackle into devastating weapon
C tier 14)Venipeed. I know this pokemon is stong, but i don't feel comfortable putting it in the same tier as scizor
17)Leavanny. i put these 3 here for the same reason: sticky web. Ribombee has shield dust, so they can nearly always guarantee sticky web, Galvantula has thunder wave and 91% accurate thunders, and i remember leavanny not being bad either
18)Forretress. this pokemon is a really good rapid spinner. not used often know because of defog buff, but it is still a really good pokemon
19)Heracross. they are a strong pokemon, not quite as strong as his mega evolution so that's why i put them a tier lower

20)Araquanid. water bubble is a really strong ability that is let down but araquanid's low speed, though I got swept by it on a trick room team once, so take that as you will

21)Accelgor. really high speed and alright special attack makes this pokemon a formidable foe, though i see no reason to use this over, well, better pokemon

D tier
22)Golisopog. Golisopog would be a lot better without emergency exit, though they are still a solid pokemon

23)Scyther. fun fact: scyther and scizor have the same base stat total, but scyther and mega-scisor do NOT have the same BST. thats the deciding factor for me on which pokemon is better.

24)shedinja. this pokemon's viability depends on the meta, but 99% the meta is not in shedinja's favour

25)Ninjask. it has speed boost and sword dance. need i say more?

26)Vikavolt. really high special attack, but bad everything else. they were good on my SS playthrough, so i'll put them here

27)Escavalier. this pokemon is pretty strong, but slow. Not really much else to say about it

28)Orbeetle. This pokemon has access to sticky web, but i believe it is completely inferior to the other sticker webbers i have already mentioned so... yeah

29)Vespiquen. I have no idea what this pokemon is suppose to do, though i think that's what makes it scary. if i ever encounter one in OU i'll probably just forfeit because the opponent clearly knows something i don't.

E tier
30)Vivillon. they work similarly to butterfree, though they were better than butterfree in my nuzlocke so I'm just going to assume it's the same case competitively
31)Butterfree. Butterfree is so underrated. compound eyes give them 97.5% accurate sleep powders + 91% accurate hurricanes, tinted lens gives them unresisted STAB and quiver dance off of base 100 special attack makes them look scary. i remember I once beat a zacian crowned on SS with a butterfree once. defiantly my proudest moment in pokemon

32)Silvally-bug. he's arceus, but ZU. moving on

33)Volbeat. I don't really see what this thing is suppose to do without prankster baton passes and tail glow, but those factors do allow volbeat to be a pretty alright baton passer

34)Pincer. i believe that pincer is an extremely under utilised pokemon and it has a gimmick that has gone under the radar of nearly the entire pokemon showdown player base. but alas, I can't find such gimmick and have to put it this low

35)Beautifly. I think i remember this pokemon having quiver dance, but even if it does it just makes them a worse butterfree

36)Yanmega. I mean, it looks cool, i guess. don't really know much about them tho

37)Centiskorch. it's G-max is pretty cool, but i don't know anything about the pokemon itself

F tier
38)Crustle. i used them in Pokemon Unite once and they were pretty bad. I'm just going to assume that this reflects their competitive performance because I don't know anything about them

39)Frosmoth. [only thing i know about frostmoth tbh](

40)Ariados. they have sticky web, so theres that i guess, i dont really see it doing anything except for that tho

41)Armaldo. there has only ever been 1 good bug-rock pokemon in competitive, and that pokemon is not armaldo

42)Illumise. hey remember what I said about volbeat? that I can't imagine it without prankster baton passes and tail glow? yeah, thats illumise

43)Kricketune. this pokemon isn't good, but it wasn't designed to be good. it was designed to be an early game bug that you replace after you can beat the first few youngsters, so I can't really fault it for being bad. i think it does get sticky web, but at that point why not use a better sticky webber like Ariados

44)Parasect. Fun fact: this pokemon is the only pokemon to ever have 3 4x weaknesses. I think that fun fact speaks to how good parasect was competitively

45)Dustox. i remember my dustox died in my emerald playthrough once, that should also speak for itself

46)Mothim. didn't know this pokemon existed until now, though it's probably stronger than ledian so i'll put it here

47)Ledian. I don't think i really have to say anything here

48)beedrill. or here

49)Wormadam Sand. this pokemon looks like a pizza and thats pretty pog champ if you ask me

50)The 2 irrelevant Wormadams. They don't look like pizza :(

51)Surskit and Masquerain. Surskit and it's evolution are racist Pokemon, I don't need to explain why just accept it. Since they are so racist, that makes them the worst porkymans because racism is not cool

if you disagree with this list, I don't care
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