Eat my new career average for healing

2021.11.28 11:30 RaSH_NisH Eat my new career average for healing

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2021.11.28 11:30 Pecuthegreat Anambra Court acquits 19 men accused of being terrorism and treason for being part of MASSOB. They had been in jail for 15 years for this acquittal.

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2021.11.28 11:30 bil_sabab The Mystical, Magical, Terrifying Supernatural Cats of Japan

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2021.11.28 11:29 Woody549 We be ready for the cold

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2021.11.28 11:29 insanehuainsaan meirl

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2021.11.28 11:29 Efficient-Star5208 Omg guys! I didn't expect so much interaction with my post!

I want to thank everyone that commented or messaged me directly on my bi-male post! I will do my best to get through the hundreds of comments today, I love you all and I hope the stigmas and bigotry end soon for everyone!
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2021.11.28 11:29 Ben_Mc25 The Specialist gear system could be great, but it needs some tweaking.

In an ideal world, different Factions would have different looks for their models. I agree with that.
However, I disagree that the “specialist” system doesn’t have the potential to be good, even great. From a pure gear selection point of view, I can get behind the flexibility and new take the “specialist” gear selection could give us, but it needs some tweaking.
What Are the Classic Roles?

Before I talk about specialists, I need to get straight what Roles the classic classes restricted and facilitated, rather than simply what gear they had access to.
For 14 years and 11 Battlefield, there have been 4 core classes on Battlefield, and their identities have been:
Medic Class
Resupply Class
Anti-Armour Class
Recon Class
Traditionally, Recon has been treated kinda expendably, and the good utility it could bring was often overshadowed by an identity focused on Sniping.
The Big 3 Roles In my opinion, Revives/Health, Gun/Gadget Resupply, Anti-Armour, are the big 3 (core) Battlefield roles.
Since these are the core roles in Battlefield, I think it's important to be careful about creating overlap between these roles. Specialist can spec into focusing on new and different roles, that’s fine, I like the idea, but I’m uncomfortable allowing a player to fully fulfil more than 1 of the big 3 at a time.
How I think a “specialist” type system could be good, even great. The Gadget option should be reserved for the generic team utility tools, often defining your Role within your Team/Squad.
These are the necessary Team Utility (THE CORE ROLES)
These items assist your team and have utility but are more niche.
These items should be removed from the gadget slot. They Cannot/Should Not define your Role.
With this every single player will be deploying with a Teamwork orientated role, while still being flexible.
Something even previous battlefields didn’t do. A BF4 “Support” might not have the Ammo Crate and a “Medic” might not be able to heal.
The Specialist Gadget and passive can essentially add a twist/function to how you go about your Role.
Casper is strongly a Recon Specialist. With an Insertion Beacon and a Supressed SMG, he can play CQC Infiltration, or With an M5 and Assault Rifle he can guerrilla ambush vehicle threats, EMP blasting them and hitting them with explosives.
Gadgets/Grenades Thoughts IBA PLATES & MED PEN
It needs to be removed from the gadget options. They are not a ROLE. If you really want to keep this, it needs to be in the grenade slot.
C-5 Explosive.
This was shown in a grenade slot in early trailers, it probably was too abusable. Well guess what? Whatever was wrong with it, fix it. It either needs to be a Grenade option or a Specialist Gadget. It is not a Team Utility and shouldn’t be in the gadget slot.
Anti-Tank Mine.
I think they should become Anti-Tank EMP Mine. It will do little/no damage but will STUN/Perhaps even highlight the vehicle and give the attackers a great opportunity to ambush it and do some damage.
The Anti-Tank Mine is in a tough spot, it can’t compete with the M5 for Anti-vehicle flexibility, so it really should be a Grenade option, but with so many players it’s probably not a great idea to have these things return with the same functionality as past Battlefield.
So, instead of competing with the M5 it will be a combo tool, assisting the M5 user in destroying the vehicle. It also needs to have a certain amount of object permanence. It shouldn’t disappear after being placed when you die, but it should be limited, probably between 2-4 placed at a time, considering the player count.
Spawn beacon
This item suffers from difficulty placing it on uneven terrain, much like other placed items.
Proximity Sensor
This should be removed from the grenade slot and:
While, I have fond memories of Motion sensor from BFBC and BFBC2, this is a gadget that doesn’t scale well with player count.
I do worry that as a gadget it would drag too many people away from more necessary team utility, and potentially still be spammed. Replacing it with a Specialist ability is the better solution in my opinion, but change my mind if you disagree.
Specialist gadget Cooldowns or Resupply? All the specialist’s gadgets are on cooldown rather than needing to be resupplied.
I can guess why. Teamwork is lacking, if you had to resupply your specialist gadget you just frankly wouldn’t have it most of the time unless you run ammo bags, diminishing the amount of time you feel like picking one matters, but still, this is an important question. I’m not prepared to weigh in on this one, it’s a question that can only be answered by playtesting.
Opinions on the current specialists: SUNDANCE Grenade Belt
This makes Sundance by far the best Specialist for dealing with vehicles, the gadget can:
All the above on a quick recharge timer, (frankly, too fast) and Sundance can hold 2 charges.
Being the Anti-Armour Specialist does feel a little odd though, I guess I just wasn’t expecting the “light wingsuit” specialist to be the Anti-Armour Specialist of choice?
Personally, I feel like the multi-grenade gadget should completely replace the Specialists grenade options. (For that to work it would be better as a passive on a Specialist with a weak gadget.)
Sundance does create some overlap between the Big 3. The specialist gadget is Anti-Armour, and they can pair that with anything else. However, I think this can be within acceptable limits, It isn’t extremely capable of effectively dealing with armour on its own but it recharges rather than resupplying. It does greatly encourage and synergises with the Anti-vehicle weapons, as your burst damage potential is significantly increased.
DICE does need to at least slow its cooldown and reduce its lock on range.
This is a super fun ability. However, removing the ability to turn a small bump into a 200m boost should happen. (I think the Wingsuit should drop like a stone if you are close to the ground, to prevent this.)
That said, the wingsuit is really part of a larger wider conversation on pacing, as of right now BF2042 encourages flags to be almost constantly contested and fought over. If that is the desired pacing, then I guess the wingsuits fine.
DOZER The shield isn’t OP, but there will be moments when it feels like complete bullshit. I don’t think Dozer is going to be a popular character so at least that won’t be frequently. I can see the use, even effectiveness in a duo or more, but it’s not that useful on your own.
Just because it’s not OP, doesn’t mean it should exist. Some things are simply too annoying, or bad for the game to justify their inclusion, (Like Martyrdom in COD.)
MACKAY His grapple hook should be restricted to angles of 60-90 degrees, only because I really hate he can grapple 30m horizontally. That said, I don’t think this specialist is OP, just kind of annoying.
IRISH Irish is a solid specialist.
APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel
Needs to be a thrown Item, (similar to a Crate) NOT a placed item. Placed items are slower and have difficulty being positioned on uneven terrain. It’s beyond frustrating to have it refused to be placed when you need it ASAP.
BORIS I’ve only positives.
CASPER Casper is a decent Specialist.
Recon Drone
Casper’s drone is ok, put it in a position high up and you can easily get great situational awareness, but BF2042 is fast paced. Since his drone is only useful when you are piloting it, he’s gadget is to be more niche. I do think clicking one button and immediately opening it, rather then needing to interact with the laptop would make it a smoother gadget.
Movement Sensor.
It does what it’s meant to, it’s not OP, but you can argue that it shouldn’t exist.
RAO Honestly, while I have seen some use from RAO, especially against aircraft, this Specialist is too niche, too ineffectual, for a game dominated by what you can do alone. It’s slow, gets you killed, and you can’t shoot while doing it. Rao will need major buffs if you ever want to see this Specialist get played.
My first recommendation? Make his hack-kill skill reveal targets with full highlight-outline, even behind walls. Exactly like how people thought PAIK was going to be.
PAIK Not terrible, just kind of a bland Specialist, and difficult to tell if the ability has much of an impact on your gameplay. I can see some use around soft visual obstruction, like shrubs, but there’s not a lot of that in 2042.
FALCK Ahh Falck, our Medic Specialist, obviously she should equip the Medical Crate right? NO.
A support inclined Falck should run Ammo Crate. She can already heal with her STIM Pistol and she recharges STIM’s at a rate that basically can’t run out. Take the Ammo Crate. SYNERGY.
This annoys me for 2 reasons.
I see 2 solution to this:
Some problems with creating a resupply include.
I suppose that’s the issue with creating a Specialist that comes with a gadget that fills a core role by default.
ANGEL Ahh Angel, he is so clearly our classic support specialist. Should he run the Ammo Crate? No. For almost all the same Issues as Falk, and I feel the same way about him.
Armour and ammo supplies
With his gadget he can pass out Body armour and Bullets and he can fully resupply you with a Loadout crate. There is NO good reason to pick the Ammo crate as Angel. If you want to play Support ANGEL, take the Medical Crate, now you can give bullets and healing!
Once again, I have some solutions.
Angel at least has less problems with being useful after something like this, the Armour he passes out is more noticeable and can’t be replaced with a Crate at all. So, he’d be affected, but still has a clear utility.
Loadout Crate.
Remove/change the Loadout Crate Drop (He can keep it just the same in Hazzard Zone)
The utility to replenish gadgets shouldn’t exist outside of the Ammo Crate. This specialist handing out body armour (and perhaps bullets) is enough in the classic modes. So, either:
Future Specialists.... Honestly DICE, be really careful you don’t make harmful specialists, and I think this is the part of a “specialists” system that actually worries me.
To me, Specialists are a lot like selecting a “Special Gadget/Passive” slot, I play the Specialist I think is the most helpful to play for what I’m doing.
The worry I do have is imagining DICE trying to come up with 20+ more specialist. In the past, DLC gadgets have almost always been the worst most annoying ones. Try to not overcomplicate them Dice, try to keep them simple, and as annoying free as possible. Just because something isn’t OP, doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful.
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2021.11.28 11:29 FeelFree223 Slag has me so hard! Anyone want to chat about her? DM for Snap or Discord

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2021.11.28 11:29 Genericgumibear Date me or my dad will sue you

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2021.11.28 11:29 fluffycrow 1990 Mini Mayfair Auto won't start

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well.
I have recently came into possession of a 1990 Mini Mayfair Auto.
I am having issues with it starting and was wondering where I would even start to look in terms of getting it going.
I have put fuel into it but it just turns over. Before that it hadn't been started in many years.
Can anyone put me in a vague direction of where to begin?
Many thanks
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2021.11.28 11:29 MaxKevinComedy Transformers

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2021.11.28 11:29 Agima [100% OFF] GitHub Basics (30 days or 85 registrations left)

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2021.11.28 11:29 InturnlDemize How does working out help your cardiovascular health?

Being obese strains your heart. So does working out. How is one better than the other?
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2021.11.28 11:29 RLCD-Bot [Tyranno GXT] [Blockparty] [Manhattan] [Koi Void] [DigiGlobe]

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2021.11.28 11:29 just_a_regu1ar_user Would you be in a polyamorous relationship (a relationship with more than two people) if you had the chance?

Hypothetically you are attracted to all people involved in it and they are attracted to you. Also, cheating with other people outside of the relationship is still cheating and not allowed without consent from the other people in the relationship.
View Poll
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2021.11.28 11:29 0ld_Skull Theresa awakening story

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2021.11.28 11:29 straytoes starting playing yesterday after not playing since reach. turns out infinite makes for some good times

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2021.11.28 11:29 DarthxDiarrhea Donald Duck doesn’t have bottoms but when he gets out of the shower he puts a towel around his waist

Maybe he’s just drying off his cock
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2021.11.28 11:29 ElegantNapkinFolding Stained glass lunar eclipse I made

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2021.11.28 11:29 MacadamiaNut360 Different types of antisocial?

Hey guys, I read a lot about people here completely avoiding people.
This is kind of different to me, I kind of hate it, but sometimes really crave social interaction like a nice evening with friends or a party. But only once in a while. The problem is, for that I would need to be in contact with people all the time and that is just freaking annoying. Like, I want it sometimes and on demand, I know that’s not how it works. Just how I feel.
Could you maybe share your experiences pls :)
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