Mag kape muna tayo

2021.10.16 12:54 Revolutionary_Cat614 Mag kape muna tayo

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2021.10.16 12:54 --Shiranui-- Level 5

If any of the level 5 somehow surpasses accelerator who would you like it to be?
You decide!
View Poll
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2021.10.16 12:54 Ivan_Smirnov ULPT request AliExpress refund

If I buy something from a Chinese seller in AliExpress that price gouges and scalps then what would the best way to keep the item but get a refund be
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2021.10.16 12:54 According-Back96 Giratina 2214 5261 9699

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2021.10.16 12:54 CommandIndividual Perfect for my living room. Takes guests a couple minutes to realize what they’re looking at and then... RUM HAM!

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2021.10.16 12:54 akrtk204 Toothpaste recommendations?

I went to the dentist recently as I had noticed my gums were a bit inflamed & receded - he mentioned I had gingivitis. I'm also having a bit of chapped lips/angular chelitis after recently swapping to a new toothpaste so I was looking to change toothpaste again as I wondered if I was reacting to my current one. The dentist gave me a treatment plan but didn't mention toothpaste recommendations so was looking online for options but cant seem to settle on one.
I'm currently using Oral b Pro Health Advanced All Around Protection Wondered about maybe swapping to Colgate Total Original?
I'm in Australia where we have a pretty limited range of stannous fluoride toothpastes so not sure if this is an option or how beneficial the stannous fluoride would be in my situation.
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2021.10.16 12:54 Telksinoe .....

«Украина — это часть России. Вы в этом скоро убедитесь. А вот вся эта публика, которая ходит с фашистскими знаменами и зигует, побежит за натовскими самолетами, как бежали в Афганистане моджахеды, хватаясь за фюзеляж».
Пётр Толстой рассказал о будущем Незалежной
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2021.10.16 12:54 ImNotARobot_exe Digital Distribution is the closet we are to a post-scarcity society.

10 billion people could download a movie from a single server, and all watch it on their own device, physical infrastructure of material required, apart from servers and said devices. Kinda neat ngl
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2021.10.16 12:54 etehall Is this LitRPG? My first published book!

LitRPG readers!
I have an honest question for you. I just published my first book, Whispers of the Voidbringer, which is available NOW on Kindle, KU, and paperback. It is the story of 3 siblings and their Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Each chapter is 90% epic fantasy and 10% the kids' discussion of the game.
I know most LitRPG is based on videogame RPGs, not tabletop RPG like this. I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback about whether I can market this as LitRPG, or if LitRPG readers would find that disingenuous.
I appreciate your time!
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2021.10.16 12:54 raffu280 Manchin fires back at Sanders op-ed in home state paper, declares he won’t take orders from a "socialist"

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2021.10.16 12:54 HammerxofxLight Mini pc for senior citizens

Hi, looking around for a pc for my in-laws. They’re super cheap and don’t wanna drop too much money and want their pc to last like, a decade. They don’t do anything crazy, just online banking and some spreadsheeting for the church. Are these mini PCs a good investment for that kind of stuff?
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2021.10.16 12:54 EitherReach7244 Console Fortnite

Epic please disable shadows on console I don’t even care about performance mode on console that would be a bonus but Atleast disable shadows😒
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2021.10.16 12:54 HaveAShittyDrawing Any thoughts about Fortescue Metals Group ASX: FMG?

Like other iron ore producers, the stock price has taken a lot of beatings. This is mainly due to china cutting steel production. But now that the iron ore price seems to start stabilising, could it be good time to invest into the stock?
I am mainly interested in this stock over the other miners, due to its diversication to energy production & hydrogen. The company also has its own shipping fleet, so it might be not that affected by the supply chain issues.
I expect a large dividend cut in the future, as current 24% dividend seem too high to sustain.
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2021.10.16 12:54 IceToKevsChain Black & CEO cars meet P.C: u/freddyjubs

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2021.10.16 12:54 CathleenBurt Bankless DAO's Dilemma -

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2021.10.16 12:54 dr_cubicity forgot to share all the finished warriors

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2021.10.16 12:54 Kaaooooos Look at what arived!

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2021.10.16 12:54 Rawcinante What do you think of Romania and Bulgaria accession to the EU in 2007? Was it rushed? Are they now significantly better than non-EU countries? Did other countries deserve to join the EU too?

Just curious what you all think
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2021.10.16 12:54 No_Treat_8468 That Was Fun! GOOD GAME.

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2021.10.16 12:54 Tasha_wit Jennifer Wu Shadow Health Focused Exam Gestational Diabetes Maternity/Maternal Health - Level 3:Subjective Data Collection: 28 of 28 (100.0%)

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2021.10.16 12:54 YouNeverKnow76 Sorry if this isn’t okay I’ll delete if asked.

I’m on a new random name, I’ve given advice to people here to help them stay sober, I was in AA and spoke in rehabs and juvenile detention centers and prisons about staying sober but now I’m just a fraud. I used to know a guy in AA who would say about people who relapsed “if he survives he’s gonna help a lot of people”. And I used to find that comforting. But I don’t know if I’m one of those guys because I don’t know if I’m gonna survive.
I drink so goddamn much, I can’t live my life without it. I have to keep alcohol in my car to sneak away and drink when I can’t at work, embarrassingly locked my keys in my car doing that today and the first thing I did when I got back into my car was drink.
I know you’re supposed to be sober when you post here and I’m sorry but I just can’t be sober anymore. I’m much worse than where I was when I first entered the program at 23 ten years ago and I don’t think I’m gonna get better.
I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and tell myself it was just a moment and I’m not that bad but at least I said it here.
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2021.10.16 12:54 platosophist Do dragons like music?

Do dragons like music? And if so, what kind of music? Do different types of dragon have different tastes in music? What about chromatic/metallic differences?
Looking for your 2 cents on it!
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2021.10.16 12:54 TamThan Foli in Clan boss (More details in comments)

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2021.10.16 12:54 LukKagge_is_a_BONER Indeed

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2021.10.16 12:54 tetraset Watch ラブライブ! サンシャイン!! (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

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