Warum sind manche Menschen eigentlich nicht in der Lage kurze zusammenhängende Stories zu erzählen?!

Immerhin gestaltet sich die Paarsuche ungeheuer aufwendig. Vögel plustern sich auf und bauen Supernester, Wale singen, und Menschen machen sich zum Affen, um den oder die Richtige zu beeindrucken. "Terra X" geht der Frage auf den Grund und findet heraus, warum sich manche Menschen einfach nicht riechen können.

2021.10.16 13:35 PinocchiosWoodBalls Warum sind manche Menschen eigentlich nicht in der Lage kurze zusammenhängende Stories zu erzählen?!

Der Titel sagt schon alles. Wie kann es sein, dass so viele Erwachsene nicht in der Lage sind eine kurze Story zusammenhängend zu erzählen. Mich regt es so irrational auf!
WAS ist so schwer daran?
Story: Eine person war beim Bäcker und traf dort eine andere Person, dessen Mutter gerade im Lotto gewonnen hat.
Normale Menschen:“ich hab Person A getroffen und ihre Mutter hat im Lotto gewonnen!“
Trottel:“richtig krass. Hier. Ähm. Ich war beim Bäcker und ihre Mutter ne. Ähm. Die hat hier immer gespielt und jetzt meinte sie, dass das geklappt hat, voll cool!“
Vielleicht ein schlechtes Beispiel, aber kann mir mal einer erklären, warum so viele Menschen so kacke erzählen können?!
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2021.10.16 13:35 Snapdragon_865 Flyer dropped a dev's deathbox

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2021.10.16 13:35 itzjos3f_ Add for gift exchange - 7641 3346 5014

Will send almost daily, 7641 3346 5014
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2021.10.16 13:35 Cribbing83 My wife got me this chiseled face titanium razor for our 10 year anniversary!

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2021.10.16 13:35 _SingerLad04_ Does this make me look like a try hard?

So I’ve just gone into Tyr’s Temple to look for the Black Rune and I have already 100% Alfheim & Muspelheim, killed 5 Valkyries, have all Legendary Armour, Enchantments and Talisman and fully upgraded skills section for Talon Bow, Axe, Shield and Rage
Yeah I like to free roam quite a bit…
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2021.10.16 13:35 YhImAsh-_- Congratulations to the Sub on hitting 50K Members! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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2021.10.16 13:35 ItsHapa A HACKER SPECTATES DIAZ BIFFLE with his wallhacks on show? Ah i should probably delete the clips he sent me, doubt anyone would want to see them, I think we are all in agreement that Biffle is just cracked right?

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2021.10.16 13:35 skjnn_04 1Sambaya convenor Etta Rosales on the Makabayan bloc’s refusal, so far, to back Leni Robredo’s presidential bid, which was endorsed by the same coalition (This interview was done even before Trillanes started to talk about this issue)

1Sambaya convenor Etta Rosales on the Makabayan bloc’s refusal, so far, to back Leni Robredo’s presidential bid, which was endorsed by the same coalition (This interview was done even before Trillanes started to talk about this issue) submitted by skjnn_04 to Philippines [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 13:35 pil4trees Porsche Taycan, the company's first fully electric model, outsells flagship 911 sports car

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2021.10.16 13:35 Additional-Data7419 😤 .

This emoji looks like it is putting two dicks in it's nose
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2021.10.16 13:35 GeorgeYDesign British PM lays flowers at site of slain MP amid calls for pause on meetings with voters

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2021.10.16 13:35 rajballabhshyam ‘Blue Skies’, Me, Drawn on Procreate, 2021

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2021.10.16 13:35 Sttraightnotstraight Any Advice on custom making internal cable route on an alloy bike?

Been planning on drilling holes for my bike for internal cabling but other than youtube videos and and the basic safety measures. Are there any other things I should look out for?
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2021.10.16 13:35 sinestros Giratina on me 2231 6375 2096

2231 6375 2096
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2021.10.16 13:35 De_Draeck Dagelijkse dosis Sylvana #66

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2021.10.16 13:35 DuwapTCG I found a blank World Championships 2006 card, Is anyone familiar with this error?

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2021.10.16 13:35 GeorgeYDesign Woman fined $4,135 for alleged Queensland border breach

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2021.10.16 13:35 lochydjango enfj Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.16 13:35 TheBestJesters Caption this

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2021.10.16 13:35 SnoopHOGG117 Just wanted to spill my heart out and maybe get some advice on how to get over everything.

I've (27M) been looking for a medium for me to just kind of speak my heart out and was hoping this would be it. Just some context to follow, keep in mind this was a long distance relationship and there was no common ground between the 2 of us. I'm an Indian (from Mumbai) living outside of India and she lives in a completely different state (Delhi) as me within India itself. I met this girl (24F) for the first time at a friend's engagement in 2018. We just kinda had a small moment of closeness because we were both blackout drunk but it didn't really lead to anything as we're both part of Indian families and "hooking up" or anything beyond that is frowned upon. Nothing happened then and we both moved on with our lives though my friends family wasn't too happy with how close we had gotten at the event as she was a cousin. Fast forward to December 2019, our paths crossed again at the same friend's wedding. I wanted to keep my distance as I didn't want to upset my friend's family again but over the 3 days worth of events we kind of got to talking and I ended up getting blackout drunk yet again and spent most of the final night flirting with her. It worked however and we exchanged numbers and got to talking. Within a span of 2-3 weeks we fell for each other, pretty damn hard. She had gotten out of a relationship in October 2019 and was in the process of moving on, meeting me was one of the reasons she was able to easily get over her ex. We clicked emotionally in every way and were even in a position where we loved each other before actually meeting since the wedding. I spontaneously planned a trip to her city in the end of Jan 2020 and things went from 100 to 1000 really really quick, it was perfect and really felt like we were made for each other. I know it may seem like everything seemed rushed however it was just perfect and soon enough we were talking to one another every single day, (since beginning of Jan pretty much) and after my first trip to her she could even confidently say that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me and I felt the same. I was the first person she ever felt that way about, and she's usually more of a logical person and her emotional capacity isn't that high but with me it was something else. We met again a month later and planned out how we would make the long distance aspect work (keep in mind that we are both financially stable enough to make it work) meeting every second or third month at the very least, get integrated in each others lives and work towards the "endgame" of it all which was spending the rest of our lives together.
She's an ambitious person, she loves her career and always planned on traveling to the US to complete her MBA and then eventually work there for a few years before finally starting something of her own. However I was that person for her at a time where she was willing to compromise certain aspects and she was that person who was worth the wait for me. But then the pandemic hit, and a lot of our plans to meet went down the drain, travel restrictions and lockdowns started, things got rough in between but we always pushed through it, I always gave her hope (she was more of a logical person and I'm generally more emotional and more of a feeler). In October 2020 she got a pretty big promotion while working from home (which she worked really hard for) and work started getting very strenuous for her. She would have to work till late hours in the am and that started taking a bit of a toll on her mental health and the relationship. (keep in mind that until that point we had only ever met 2 times since the relationship started and every time we would make a plan, the pandemic would stop us). She began having second thoughts about the relationship in the beginning of 2021 but we held on until we were finally able to meet in Feb 2021 on our anniversary and she was able to request a better position at work where it wasnt as rough. All of the problems went away due to that trip, we spent almost 8 days together which was basically the best 8 days of our lives. Everything seemed perfect and back in place. We went back optimistic again, planning more trips, more times to meet and finally make our relationship take off as planned but then another wave hit India and there was another set of lockdowns. I wasn't able to return for trips we had planned, she wasn't able to travel to me either. I missed being with her on my birthday (July) but we kept our head held high until finally it had already been another 6.5 months that we went without being with one another physically. She got another promotion in that time and work started getting stressful but this time she really began to enjoy it. It was exciting her and slowly she was giving less and less time to the relationship and she wanted to go out with her friends over weekends (which I completely understand she deserved) but I began to feel a bit neglected. That led to a few minor insecurities here and there and we chalked it up to it being a byproduct of the long distance and we had realistic plans to meet on her birthday (end of September 2021) however during the beginning of the month, she broke. She suddenly (or what seemed sudden to me) realized that she didnt want the relationship anymore and would rather focus her time on her career and her friends and family who are actually able to be there for her. No matter what I said, her mind wasnt changing. It went so far to the point where she didnt even want me to visit her on her birthday. I calmed her down but through most of the month it just wasnt the same anymore. We held off any major decision until we finally met in the 3rd week of September (a week before her birthday). When I met her, the magic just wasnt there anymore. It felt nothing like the previous times we had met and that gave me a clear indication as to what needed to be done, so we took the call. It was emotional, not easy on either of us, I guess she was not in a position to prioritize "love" over her career or anything in her life and she believes that she wouldnt be able to give time to a relationship considering how strenuous her work is, especially, long distance. I've gone through the various stages of grief, its only been a month now, and I'm trying to heal but its hard. I'm keeping my distance from her as I feel like its the only way I'll be able to move on but I'm in a stage where I can't help but to think back to all the beautiful things we said to one another and relive all the good moments only to realize that none of its going to move forward. I know I need to give it time, I'm trying to keep myself distracted, I'm being as strong as I can, talking to people in my life to get past it but its hard. What can I do? We had worked a lot of it out, and we were going to get through it together, until she realized she didnt want to do it anymore. Those 20 beautiful months are just gone...
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2021.10.16 13:35 hollow09 Son of a B...NO! It's 1939's "Son of Frankenstein"...Tonight...on MeTV!!

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2021.10.16 13:35 james_l_d Today I got this there’s some th?

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2021.10.16 13:35 Acrobatic-Yoghurt572 How long did nicotine withdrawal last for you?

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2021.10.16 13:35 Child_of_the_Abyss Check the username before you claim its reposted

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2021.10.16 13:35 No_Scallion1091 After 3.5 years I (42F) ghosted my SA (46M) - Advise Please

About 1.5 years ago I found out about the extent of his lies. He lost his marriage and his baby due to cheating on his spouse. His addiction is to the point where he searches for dominants, trans, men, pegging, couples, and hookups. This has been going on for over a decade. We are both professional, educated, fun, and genuinely good people.
We’ve broken up a few times ending with me coming back after he promises to get help. He states he knows it’s a problem (he’s a Physician), that he screwed up our relationship, and he knows he needs help. Yet, he never follows through on his word.
Recently, I discovered a conversation with a dominant woman he’s been speaking to for years where he describes sexual encounters with men during our relationship. Though he swears he’s never met anyone and it’s all fantasy, my intuition (which has always been right) tells me otherwise.
I committed to him to stay if he would get help after not speaking for a week. We went on an amazing trip for my birthday, then the next Friday he wouldn’t answer my calls or texts between 7pm-midnight (this has happened several Fridays over the past month). Recently, I found he invited a female work colleague to his house before her move. He blatantly lied stating he didn’t answer the phone because he “passed out”. When I found photos, his defense was he didn’t tell me because I am “weird” about their friendship.
At midnight two weeks ago, when he didn’t answer my calls, I decided that was it. I was done and completely blocked him from my life knowing he will never change.
Part of me wants to call his best friend and ask him to help him. Another part of me says to send him a letter telling him I love him enough to let him go and will support him once he is actively in recovery. Then, there’s the part of me that says run for your life. I have plenty of opportunities to date other men, don’t need financial support, am attractive, and have been actively involved in betrayal trauma therapy for 1.5 years. When d-day occurred I was beyond devastated and stayed in bed for a month (am much stronger now).
I don’t know what the right answer is, but I do know I don’t feel safe and he clearly has no interest in getting help. Any advice is appreciated.
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